I find the tea helps to keep me calm  and  I am unable to tolerate any caffeine in tea even the decaf green tea, so this is perfect for me. I  love it too as I can make it as weak or strong in my filters as I want, not rely on tea bags. Had no reaction t...

Lovely fresh-tasting chamomile tea. Supermarket tea bags are no comparison.

Chamomile is one of the oldest favourites amongst garden herbs and its reputation as a medicinal plant shows little signs of abatement. Chamomile flowers infuse to produce a golden brew with a light apple like taste that soothes and is naturally caffeine free. Brewing tips - icons

Brewing Instructions:

  • 1 teaspoon per 200mls
  • water at 100 degrees celcius (boiling water)
  • brew for 5 minutes

Goes Well With:

Perfect on its own or you could add a little honey.


Naturally-dried chamomile blossoms.

*Caffeine Free*


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