Love it! - but make sure you measure it

I drink my tea "wild", without a teapot and straight into my glass cup, so I can watch the leaves unfurl. This tea provides that pleasure in spades - lovely large leaves that float throughout the tea, not just at the bottom, and the drink has that wonderful creaminess of the milky process. But make sure you measure it - I estimated the amount one day and ended up completely overdoing it and had a forest in my cup, which was also a little bitter (my fault, not the tea - just too much in the cup). The beauty of Milky Oolong is that you can re-use the leaves - swings and roundabouts! Definitely recommend this tea - delicious.

Saw this on email and thought would try. Love how it uncurls and the aroma is glorious and I just love it's flavour. Recommend it,

This verdant, premium oolong from China’s Fujian province has been infused with a delicate milk essence so as to not detract from the refreshingly light grassy notes. Exquisitely aromatic, the leaves produce a fairly pale brew that is quite smooth with very little, if no astringency. A good indicator of quality, the second infusion is equally as lovely and just as flavoursome as the first.

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Brewing tips - iconsBrewing Instructions:

  • 1 teaspoon per 200mls
  • water at 85 degrees celcius 
  • brew for 2 - 3 minutes
  • same leaves can be re-used 2-3 times (in the same day) but you'll need to steep a little longer with each brew

Goes Well With:

Perfect on its own.


Rolled, lush Chinese oolong with an added milk essence.


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