Clever T-pot

A great one cup pot, especially when "testing " a new tea. Hint: test it on your preferred mug/cup first before you fill with tea/hot water as some mugs are too wide for this particular pot.

'Perfect Brew', otherwise known as 'Handy Brew', is the easiest way to brew your tea! The secret to the Perfect Brew is the patented Amazing Shut-Off System! Perfect Brew only dispenses tea or when it is placed on top of a cup or mug.  When you lift the Perfect Brew off your cup or mug it simply stops the flow of liquid instantly! No mess, no fuss and no tea leaves.

The 350ml Perfect Brew fits on any cup with a diameter up to 7.5cm. BPA Free.

NOTE:  The Perfect Brew is sold on its own - no cup included.

For more detailed information on the Perfect Brew please click here.