Pass the Walkers shortbread

Reviews are assumed to be honest. In all honesty, this really didn’t do much for me. Not entirely sure why. I suspect I had preconceived ideas of the taste simply from a lifetime of Irish and English breakfast teas, which is ridiculous in hindsight. This tea is a perfectly acceptable brew, yet I can’t see me rushing to replace the last of it. Perhaps I need more time to adjust to the strength of it. For some reason the word “hardy” springs to mind. Not so strong as to put hairs on your haggis but not far off it. I shall have to keep working on it.

Nice light afternoon tea

We always have this as our afternoon tea. It’s nice and light and very refreshing

Light and Delicate

A light and delicate tea. Great for everyday use. Highly recommended.

So Relaxing

Not just a breakfast tea for us,. It's one of our special favourites for any time

perfect for the morning cuppa

A bright, refreshing brew with slightly woody characteristics. This Ceylon tea is a tasty medium strength brew that is great for the morning or afternoon.

We are proud to announce that our supplier of Scottish is the first tea company in Sri Lanka to be awarded the Official Certification for Quality Assurance for Food Safety and Good Manufacturing Practices of Tea by the Sri Lanka Tea Board. The scope of the certificate covers the warehousing, processing and packing. Brewing tips - icons


  • 1 teaspoon per 200mls of water at 95 ̊C.
  • Brew for 2 - 4 minutes.
  • Perfect on its own or with milk and sweeteners if preferred.
  • Keep in a cool dry location and avoid direct sunlight.


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