Pair tea with breakfast foods

The world of pairing tea with breakfast foods goes way beyond English Breakfast

Looking to elevate your morning breakfast ritual? Your time to host brunch with the girls? The solution to both of these questions is The Tea Centre’s quality loose leaf tea! 

Of course, while coffee does taste great in the morning, some things—like tea and breakfast—just go better together. There is a true art behind pairing tea with breakfast food, which takes into consideration scientific concepts (how your brain interprets the signals coming from your taste buds) and how the chemical components in tea and food directly influence aroma profiles.

Do The Tea Centre’s experts have degrees in food science? Nope. BUT, what we do have is a knack for tasting tea, and we can tell you exactly what tea pairings can take your favourite Australian breakfast foods to a whole new level! 

Breakfast pairing 1 | Avocado on Toast x Jasmine Monkey King


Are we pairing these two together just because they’re both green? Yes and no.

Avocado is an amazing antioxidant-rich fruit with a buttery texture. This is the result of the unique fruit’s healthy fat content. To build upon the wellbeing properties of this brekkie (and enhance the mild nutty flavour of avocado with more herbaceous tasting notes), we’d suggest a green tea fusion like Jasmine Monkey King.

The slightly astringent flavour profile of green tea helps cut through the fat while the addition of jasmine flowers emits fragrance that would make nibbling at avocado on toast an even more sensory experience! Alternatively, if you prefer a bolder tasting green tea, The Tea Centre’s organic gunpowder tea will do just the trick. 

Breakfast pairing 2 | Banana Bread x French Earl Grey

Enjoy breakfast on-the-go with an indulgent banana bread in one hand and a flask of French Earl Grey in the other! Bergamot—the calling card of any Earl Grey—has a distinctive heady citrus flavour. This concentrated tartness offsets any denseness in the banana bread, making for a more enjoyable meal. 

Furthermore, the banana bits in the bread are perfectly complemented by the French Earl Grey’s apricot and mango components. The floral touches in the tea (cornflowers and rose petals) round out the experience through providing extra touches of brightness to this popular breakfast!

Breakfast pairing 3 | Yoghurt Bowl x Silver Needles


Does anything offer a flavour explosion quite like your typical yoghurt bowl? We’re talking the tangy creaminess of Greek yoghurt paired with the bold sweetness of fresh fruits and the incorporation of crunchy granola bits. 

When a meal is already carrying so much flavour, what you need is a palate refresher. That’s why a cup of Silver Needles Yin Zhen tea is the perfect partner to this dish. White tea cleanses the palate between bites, ensuring that your taste buds can enjoy the complex flavours of a yoghurt bowl without being overwhelmed! 

If you’re after an earthier alternative, pai mu tan tea is another great choice.

Breakfast pairing 4 | Vegemite on Toast x Fancy Oolong

When it comes to pairing tea with breakfast, the best way to balance out something as dark and salty as vegemite is to add something as light and bright as oolong tea! Our personal top pick is Taiwanese Fancy Oolong. This tea’s smooth finish is the perfect counterpart to the vegemite’s biting presence on the taste buds.

Furthermore, our fancy oolong loose leaf leans more towards a black tea taste, and these mellow undertones truly complement vegemite’s unique umami flavour. 

Breakfast pairing 5 | Eggs & Bacon x Stockholm Blend

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey. A meal as protein-rich and heavy as the classic eggs and bacon brekkie deserves a tea pairing that’s equally bold and flavoursome. That’s why The Tea Centre suggests breakfast teas like Yorkshire or our signature Stockholm Blend.

The higher caffeine content in our breakfast blends offers a boost of energy that counteracts any post-meal sluggishness that sometimes occurs after a big meal! Furthermore, the zingy orange peel and apricot in Stockholm Blend is a great counterpoint to any residual greasiness from this typical breakfast fry-up. 


Breakfast pairing 6 | Weetbix x Masala Chai

How many do you do? No matter the number, you must add The Tea Centre’s Masala chai into the mix!

As much as we love Weetbix, at the end of the day it’s mouthfeel is pretty bland and crunchy (unless you broke the cardinal rule: “never eat soggy Weetbix”). Therefore, the perfect pairing is a tea like Masala Chai, which adds extra spice, sweetness and some much-needed oomph to this breakfast. 

Moreover, adding milk to Masala chai as per our classic stovetop recipe lends more creaminess to the meal as a whole. The result? An elevated breakfast tea pairing experience with each sip!

Breakfast pairing 7 | Crumpets x TC Broken Orange Pekoe

Just like pancakes (only better)! Controversial opinions aside, crumpets are battered, buttery goodness that taste even better when paired with a Ceylon loose leaf like TC Broken Orange Pekoe.

Ceylon teas tend to boast clean malty flavours that make sweet breakfasts like crumpets taste even sweeter! In particular, our TC Broken Orange Pekoe leaves are rolled into tight balls. This unique shape allows for a bolder taste when infused, offering a nice contrast to the richness of the crumpets. 

Looking to experiment with tea pairings and discover the perfect matches for yourself? Be sure to explore our range of bestseller loose leaf teas here. You’ll be pairing tea with breakfast like a pro in no time!

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