Perfect Brew Tea Maker

Initially designed to avoid the use of messy paper filters when brewing coffee, the award-winning Perfect Brew, otherwise known as ‘Handy Brew’, has become a staple brewing implement for both coffee and tea drinkers alike.

The Perfect Brew is the handy tea making companion combining ease of use and cleaning, and an effective filtration system that is cleverly located at the base of the vessel. This internationally patented “Shut-Off System” allows the tea (or coffee) to seamlessly dispense once the Perfect Brew is placed on top of a cup or mug. Sitting on the rim of a cup, the bottom of the Perfect Brew is pushed up and the valve is released allowing the tea to easily flow out, leaving fully utilised tea leaves behind.

Made from a high quality, BPA-free plastic that is both durable and heat resistant, the Perfect Brew is a sturdy, mess-free option to use for the office, when travelling, or simply for at home.

Just looking to make a tea for one? Then the 350mL Perfect Brew is a great size for a generous cup of tea. An excellent alternative to mug infusers and finicky little mesh infusers the Perfect Brew allows tea leaves to unfurl to their fullest offering a more full-flavoured brew complete with all its nutritional benefits. The 600mL also makes an ideal option over some teapots as it avoids the need for restrictive infusers and dribbly spouts.

Revolutionary and effortless, the Perfect Brew Tea Maker is a design achievement created to appeal to tea novices and masters alike. Brewing tea has never been simpler and more enjoyable than with the help of the Perfect Brew.

To purchase online please click here – 2 sizes available.

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