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Did you know that one of The Tea Centre’s founders was Swiss? Since 1993, our company has appreciated the inspiration and innovation behind Swiss designs, which is why we love Bodum, a high-quality European kitchenware brand!

As you can see below, The Tea Centre stocks great Bodum designs at affordable prices. Moreover, our functional assortment of glass teacups, teapots, and teaware accessories all champion tea makers and the brewing process.

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Shop online The Tea Centre’s Bodum tea makers, cups, and glasses

Bodum is a Danish-Swiss kitchenware brand that has pioneered aesthetic and functional teaware at great price points since 1944. The Tea Centre proudly stocks its high-quality products, and our selection includes a number of glass cup sets, teapots, and other teaware accessories. Specifically, you will find above the following Bodum collections:

Bodum ‘Bistro Nouveau’ Tea Maker Collection

These glass teapots/tea makers are not only the ultimate statement piece for your kitchen or dining table but also highly functional in design. Their clever design has a removable inner lid that allows you to easily take out the filter once you’ve steeped the tea to your desired strength. Despite being made of glass, these teapots are quite durable, and allow tea drinkers to watch the beautiful loose leaves unfurl and dance around the pot during the infusion process!

Bodum double-walled glass sets

Introducing the must-have glass cups that keep your tea hot while looking cool. The brewing, steeping, and sipping process has never been easier thanks to these double-walled glass cups. Their practical design and tough borosilicate glass material mean the cup will always be cool to the touch no matter how hot the tea is inside. Sip in style by purchasing a set of 250ml or 350ml cups today.


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Here at The Tea Centre, we supply Bodum kitchenware that we’re sure will make every tea-drinking experience an absolute delight! This Australian company’s teacups, teapots, and accessories make a great accompaniment to your daily ritual of tea and are a practical addition to your kitchenware. So it is well worth it to invest in your favourite Bodum piece today.

Making a cup of tea is not as hard as it sounds, with our easy-to-use range of teacups and mugs available: teacups for one, sets for two or four, plus teacups and saucers. So whether you need an afternoon moment for yourself or are looking to host a tea party with family and friends, you can find the right teacups and mugs for you at The Tea Centre.

To make the perfect cuppa next time you want to relax and unwind, we'd recommend brewing one teaspoon of loose leaf tea to every cup of tea. Most of your teapots will already have in-built infusers but you can also use our range of teacup strainers for a single cup of tea.

Interested in other teawares? Look through our selection of tea cups, tea sets and tea tools, to find the right ones for you.