Stay cool with iced tea jugs for summer.

It’s versatility in a bottle! The Tea Centre’s iced tea jug collection boasts everything from thermos flasks to carafes and regular pitchers. Our handy brew jugs are the perfect solution for when you need refreshing iced tea to quench your thirst or are looking to enjoy your tea on the go. Furthermore, these jugs aren’t just for iced tea. You can use them for drinks both hot and cold! Add these teaware tools to your collection to ensure you’re fully prepped for the next hot summer’s day.

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TC Iced Tea Jug


Flasks & Jugs

Thermos Vacuum’ Jug — White


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Thermos Vacuum’ Jug — Black



Eve Circular Cognac



Eve ‘ice Cooler’


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The Tea Centre’s iced tea jugs

The Tea Centre’s iced tea jugs are made with convenience and functionality in mind, which is why each one in our collection is sleek and compact in design. These versatile and handy brew jugs can be used to hold and infuse both hot and cold tea, juices, cocktails, and other drinks. You can also use them as good ol’ regular pitchers, whose stunning designs will look great on any festive table.

How to brew tea in an iced tea jug/do I need an infuser/strainer?

If you’re looking for the best way to make iced tea using a jug, be sure to check out our brewing guide here. We also have iced tea recipes like healthy sparkling iced tea and Australian sencha and lemon myrtle iced infusion for you to gain inspiration from!

Some of our iced tea jugs come equipped with ingenious ways to steep your favourite leaves with inbuilt infusers, plungers or baskets. Head to the “design details” section of each item’s product description to find out more. If the iced tea jug you like does not come with an infuser, we have a range of options for you to explore here.

The different types of iced tea jugs and pitchers

Thermos flasks

The ideal choice when you need a jug for both hot and cold drinks. These flasks boast insulation features that maintain the temperature of the tea inside for extended periods of time. The gorgeous design also makes for an easy pouring experience.


The striking conical shape of our carafes is stunning and the perfect choice for when you’re brewing large amounts of tea for a celebratory occasion. They will stand out on any table thanks to their stunning design and functionality.

Buy iced tea jugs online or in-store at The Tea Centre tea shops

Here at The Tea Centre, we have a gorgeous range of jugs and pitchers that make every tea-drinking experience an absolute delight. They are every busy tea lover's much-needed accessories, especially during the warmer months when you’re in need of refreshing iced tea. All of which are good reasons to invest in a Tea Centre iced tea jug today.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our pitchers and you will notice that they come in a number of amazing designs and colours. Some iced tea jugs already come with in-built infusers; if not, you can explore our range of tea infusers and biodegradable tea bags here.

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