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Travel Flasks

Travel flasks are, of course, made with convenience and portability in mind, so in terms of size, they aren’t meant to be too cumbersome. With volumes generally ranging from 350mL-480mL, a good travel flask will hold a generous amount of your favourite hot or cold beverage.

Insulation is also a big factor in deciding what flask is best for you. Do you need something that will keep your drink warm just throughout the morning? Or does it need to last the distance and take you through your busy day. Travel flasks are designed with the purpose of retaining the ideal temperature of your beverage, so most of them will be designed with vacuum insulation and double walls; however stainless steel does seem to be the best insulator.

Brewing Tea for your Travel Flask

If you’re a dedicated tea drinker, you may want to consider whether your travel flask needs to be capable of brewing loose leaf tea on-the go. Some flasks will come with different and ingenious ways of steeping your favourite leaves with plungers or baskets seeming to be the standard methods for most flasks.

Types of Travel Flasks

Plastic Travel Flasks

Nearly all plastic foodware/drinkware these days are made from BPA free plastics so no unwanted toxins will seep into your food or drink. Plastic is durable but can still crack if dropped from a height or at an unfortunate angle. Transparent plastic flasks may start to appear cloudy after a while.

Stainless Steel Travel Flasks

They are excellent for heat retention and are very durable making them a great for those worried about dropping.

Glass Travel Flasks

These flasks look beautiful and show the beautiful tea you are about to drink. However, naturally they are more susceptible to breakage. Sometimes, they can be heavier than other flasks made from other materials.

Ceramic Travel Flasks

These gorgeous flasks are excellent for insulation but are more susceptible to breakage and chips.