Boost your brain with yerba maté!

Yerba maté is a strongly caffeinated, herbal South American tea that will give you a buzz! Complex in flavour, this brew offers soft hints of tobacco and umami tasting notes. A definite must-try for those looking for a little extra boost.

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The Tea Centre’s yerba maté herbal tea

The Tea Centre is proud to supply Australia with some of the finest yerba maté from Brazil! This South Amercian brew is unique in that it’s one of the few herbal tisanes to contain caffeine. Find out more about this wonderful brew here.  

The history of yerba maté

Yerba maté (Ilex paraguariensis) is thought to have originated in Paraguay and was first cultivated by the indigenous Guaraní people. Thought to have healing properties, the popularity of this caffeinated herbal brew soon spread throughout the entirety of South American.

Today, yerba maté is largely consumed in Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. In fact, one census found that 98% of Argentinians have yerba maté in the kitchen cabinet at home! In the early 2000s, its popularity spread to North America where the herb’s caffeine content made it a popular ingredient in energy drinks and canned beverages.

At The Tea Centre, we believe that yerba maté is the most delicious when enjoyed the traditional way, using a gourd and bombilla (a type of yerba maté strainer straw).


What are the health benefits of yerba maté?

What makes it so different to a standard coffee buzz, you ask? Referred to as a “clean buzz”, maté offers the tired uni student a better sense of focus and alertness. Furthermore, unlike coffee, the tea still allows for a restful sleep

In allowing for better circulation and greater oxygen in the blood, this brew is thought to help with cardiovascular health as well as lowering blood pressure. Furthermore, this powerhouse tea also contains antioxidant compounds like polyphenols and caffeoyl derivatives. While research remains inconclusive in this area, it is thought that such compounds reduce cholesterol levels in humans. This further supports your heart health!

The ratios of theobromine to caffeine mean that the former’s most negative effects一like being unable to sleep一are overridden. As a result, maté contains a fairly harmonious combination. Most interestingly, however, maté is thought to assist with lucid dreaming.

While it should be noted that there are no studies to support this, many personal anecdotes have been shared about how sipping this brew just before bedtime has resulted in either lucid or very vivid dreaming.


What does yerba maté taste like?

When brewed, yerba mate has distinctly earthy flavours with smoky notes and umami aftertaste. Such unique tasting notes and camphorous aroma may take some getting used to; however, South Americans love this brew for its health benefits!

Specifically, The Tea Centre’s Brazilian yerba maté has a distinctive astringency and grassiness that may take some getting used to. Once you pass that stage, however, you’ll start to taste the more pleasant flavours. There are smoky notes and hints of nuttiness, although most fans simply like the natural taste of the herb itself!


How to brew yerba maté?

  • 1. Add 1 tablespoon of yerba maté to your infuser or straight into your mug/gourd (if you’re using a bombilla) and run a little cold water over the leaves.
  • 2. Boil water and allow it to cool for 1 minute before pouring it on top of the leaves. This will deter your leaves from scalding and becoming bitter.
  • 3. Brew the mix for about 4 minutes, then remove the infuser if you used ones. If you’re planning on having another yerba maté during the day you can place your leaves in the fridge and reuse them up to 3–4 more times throughout the day.

    Buy yerba maté tea online or in-store at The Tea Centre tea shops

    Here at The Tea Centre, we pride ourselves on the elite quality of our herbal teas and work hard to make them luxurious and thoroughly enjoyable. It’s all part of our plan to provide you with the finest tea possible.

    Making a pot or a cup of tea with loose leaves is not as hard as it sounds, with easy-to-use infusers and strainers available. However, if you are looking for a quicker alternative, we do also offer a range of teas in biodegradable pyramid tea bags, including black tea bags, green tea bags, and herbal tea bags.

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