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We are Australia’s go-to specialists when it comes to sourcing the finest, high-quality global black teas. Select from hundreds of traditional, organic and flavoured black tea fusions blended in Europe and Asia.

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Black Tea

Keemun Op Tea

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Assam Tea

Assam Dimakusi Tea

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Assam Tea

Tea For Sunday Loose Leaf Tea Tin


Assam Tea

Tea For Sunday

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Assam Tea

Assam Rani Tea

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Australian Tea

Australian Daintree Tea

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Black tea

As seen above, The Tea Centre offers a curated collection of premium loose leaf black tea for you to explore.

If you’re after a dark brew with strong caffeine content, our range of black tea is the way to go. Black teas have a more tannic and developed flavour and therefore lend themselves to being the perfect, all-around cuppa. It’s not uncommon to add milk or sugar to black teas — however, some Darjeeling and Chinese teas may have flavours that are too delicate for the addition of milk.

Black teas are usually fully oxidised (90–100%) and come in a variety of strengths and flavours. They can also vary in appearance, ranging from red and golden-brown to darker hues when brewed. Black tea is sourced from every corner of the world and the variation in strength and flavour can largely be attributed to the unique growing conditions in the country of origin.

Generally, the more cut, torn, or crushed a tea leaf is the stronger the flavour of the black tea. In addition to this, the presence of tea buds or golden tips somewhat softens the liquor and produces a higher-grade tea. Lastly, a tea’s origin (or multiple origins if we’re talking breakfast tea blends) plays a big part in the strength of a tea.


Different types of black tea

Assam traditionally produces strong teas, whereas Darjeeling teas are fairly mild. Both tea-growing regions are in India; however, the differences in climate, soil, altitude, and rain conditions means that the leaves harvested boast completely contrasting teas. This can also be said for other tea growing regions, all of which suffuse their leaves with somewhat differing strengths and flavour profiles.

Our extensive range of high-quality black teas includes strong, medium and light-bodied blends, as well as a delicious, fruity range of fusion teas.


What are the health benefits of black tea ?

p>Being one of the most consumed beverages in the world, it should come as no surprise that a number of clinical reviews have been conducted on the health benefits of drinking black tea. For example, one 2017 Sri Lankan study on black tea broke down the composition of the leaves and how these components have positive bioactive impacts on the body. Just some of the good things that black tea contains are: catechins, theaflavins, simple polyphenols/other polyphenols, theanine, amino acids, peptides/proteins, potassium, and caffeine.

Containing less caffeine than your average coffee, this component works well with theanine to bring the sipper some focus and mental stimulation (Kahathuduwa et al., 2016). Catechins boast the double impact of not only blessing tea with a tannic taste (bold biting flavour) but also thought to encourage antioxidant activity. Lastly, "tea polyphenols are also known for their antibacterial activity." (Kodagoda & Wickramasinghe, 2017). However, it should be note that antibacterial activity decreases when the extent of tea fermentation is increased, implying stronger activity in green tea than black tea.

Making a pot or a cup of black tea using loose leaves is not as hard as it sounds, with easy-to-use infusers and strainers available. However, if you are looking for a quicker alternative, we do also offer a range of teas in biodegradable pyramid tea bags, including black tea bags, green tea bags and herbal tea bags.


How do you brew a cup of black tea?

To brew a perfect cup of black tea you need to do the following.

  • Measure out one teaspoon or two grams of black tea per 200ml using an infuser or filter bag.
  • Pour in water at 95°C or just below the boil.
  • Steep broken leaves for 2-3 minutes. Steep larger leaves and flavoured teas for 3-4 minutes.
  • Add a splash of milk, sugar, and/or honey if desired.

    Buy black tea online or in-store at The Tea Centre tea shops

    Here at The Tea Centre, we pride ourselves on our tea’s premium quality and work hard to make them both luxurious and thoroughly enjoyable. Our black tea range is particularly tempting and aromatic, thanks to available blends like our earl greys, chai, classic breakfast teas, and our famous Stockholm blend. It’s all part of our plan to provide you with the finest tea possible.

    Interested in other teas? Look through our selections of green teas and herbal teas to find the ones that are right for you.