Relax with a cup of Chamomile Tea!

With beautiful apple and floral notes, Chamomile Tea is gorgeous on its own or with a dollop of honey for a touch of sweetness. Naturally caffeine free, Chamomile Tea is perfect for your bedtime cuppa to unwind from the stresses of your day.

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Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a daisy-like flowering plant that is in the same family as Sunflowers and echinacea. It is regularly used to help with aromatherapy and even cosmetics with use dating all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Chamomile Tea however is best known for its relaxation, anti-inflammatory properties as well as an aid for any digestion issues.

Here at The Tea Centre, we have a gorgeous range of delicious Chamomile teas for you to enjoy. Why not brew a batch of Chamomile tea for when you have guests over? Alternatively, enjoying the subtle relaxing aromas of a freshly made Chamomile tea could be a great option to keep yourself during “me” time.

What does Chamomile Tea taste like?

While there are obviously variations between the different varieties we offer, generally Chamomile tea brews it produces a delicate golden brew that has soft notes of apple, with a velvety yet clean mouthful. Light floral notes come through with every sip too, making it a delightfully relaxing cup of tea.

What are the health benefits of Chamomile tea?

There are a number of benefits to drinking Chamomile tea beyond the satisfying taste, with many cultures have been enjoying it as a natural remedy for centuries to help with various ailments.

Chamomile Tea can help soothe your tummy

Chamomile tea is often used to help settle stomach aches due to its anti-inflammatory properties, allowing tea drinkers to feel some relief.

Helping you sleep better

Chamomile has some wonderful qualities that can help improve the quality of your sleep. This contains apigenin, which is an antioxidant that works in your brain to help promote sleepiness.

Supporting blood sugar control

Drinking chamomile tea can help you in lowering blood sugar levels. The anti-inflammatory properties may be able to help prevent any damage to your pancreas, which is something that can happen with high blood sugar levels in the body.

Buy Chamomile tea online or in-store at one of The Tea Centre's stores

At The Tea Centre, we take great pride in delivering premium quality tea and work hard to make sure your tea drinking experience is luxurious and thoroughly enjoyable. You will notice how our Chamomile teas are beautifully fragrant and enticing, with elements of florals and botanicals in different tea blends across our range. All part of our plan in making you the finest tea possible.

Making a pot or a cup of Chamomile tea with loose leaves is not as hard as it sounds, with a variety of easy to use infusers and strainers available. However, if you are looking for a quicker alternative, we do also offer a range of teas in silk pyramid tea bags, including black tea bags, green tea bags and herbal tea bags.

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