Please the palate with premium-grade oolong tea

Along with being particularly fun to say, oolong teas are the Goldilocks of the tea family. The perfect choice is between black teas (too strong!) and white teas (too delicate!), oolong teas are always just right. Variety is the spice of life, and we have plenty of premium-grade oolong varieties for you to enjoy below.

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Oolong Tea

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Oolong teas

Neither a black tea nor a green tea, oolong tea is the happy medium that offers the best of both worlds! Predominately grown in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam, oolong teas range from large loose leaves to finely rolled buds, whose colour varies on the spectrum between dark brown and motley green. This is because oolongs—as the tea between black and green varieties—are highly sensitive to variables such as region, climate, and how long the leaves are left to oxidise. Once brewed, oolong tea takes on a light golden hue and delicately complex taste, which makes it perfect without milk, or with just a dash of honey for sweetness.

Oolong teas are semi-fermented and due to the different oxidation levels, can produce a complex variety of different flavours and aromas. Oolongs that were oxidised for a shorter time period share taste characteristics with green teas while oolongs that were oxidised for longer result in stronger brews that are closer in flavour and appearance to black teas. Oolongs can be infused multiple times (up to 2-3 cups) and often present new flavours upon each infusion.

Oolong teas boast smooth savoury flavours that range from herbaceous to nutty and even woody! Such versatility makes this tea an excellent accompaniment to a wide variety of foods. For more information on oolong teas, check out our corresponding Tea Journal entry here!


What are the health benefits of oolong tea?

Aside from its beautiful flavour, oolong tea is commonly consumed for weight loss purposes due to the presence of enzymes that can assist in dissolving fats. Oolong teas are further well-known for their ability to sharpen mental alertness and boost metabolic and immune system function.

Don’t be surprised if you see oolong tea sitting in your grandparent’s tea cabinet either; this super tea’s antioxidants and plaque-inhibiting properties work wonders for strengthening teeth and bones. As well as alleviating elderly people, younger generations also love oolong for its ability to help relieve eczema. All of this makes adding oolong to your tea selection a worthwhile investment!

Consider pouring a cup of oolong tea the next time you want to relax and unwind during some well-deserved “me” time. Enjoy the soothing aromas and elegant flavours of freshly-brewed oolong tea. Even during summer, you could whip up a batch of iced oolong tea to cool down with style.


Buy oolong tea online or in-store at The Tea Centre tea shops

Here at The Tea Centre, we pride ourselves on the luxurious quality of our tea and work hard to make them thoroughly enjoyable. Experience this high quality in our oolong teas, which are beautifully fragrant, and enticing, and boast floral, nutty, and jasmine tasting notes throughout the range. All part of our plan to make you the finest tea possible.

Making a pot or a cup of oolong tea with loose leaves is not as hard as it sounds, with easy-to-use infusers and strainers available in our teaware collection. However, if you are looking for a quicker alternative, we do also offer a range of teas in biodegradable pyramid tea bags, including black tea bags, green tea bags and herbal tea bags.


How to brew a cup of oolong tea

To brew a perfect cup of oolong tea you need to do the following.

  • Measure out one teaspoon or two grams of oolong tea per 200ml of water.
  • Pour in water at 90°C or leave your kettle to cool after boiling.
  • Steep darker oolongs for 2-4 minutes and green-rolled oolongs for 3-5 minutes.
  • You can reuse oolong leaves 2-3 times—enjoy!

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