Indulge in the wonderful & peculiar with Eigenart!

The Tea Centre is proud to supply Australians with Eigenart. This is a German company that’s famous for its high-quality tinplate, porcelain, and glassware products. Meaning ‘peculiar or ‘characteristic’ in German, Eigenart is all about helping you love your rituals no matter how quirky they are!

Furthermore, The Tea Centre stocks Eigenart’s popular TEAEVE drinking cups collection. We also supply their exclusive tins and other kitchen goods. Ready to dive into the world of German teaware? Then start shopping our Eigenart range today!

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Eigenart is a substantial German company that pioneers kitschy and creative teaware that attracts attention and lets sippers love their tea rituals regardless of how quirky they are! The Tea Centre proudly stocks their high-quality home and kitchen products, including their carafes, tea flasks, 3-piece mugs, and tins. Specifically, you will find above the following Eigenart collections:

TEAEVE by Eigenart

Get ready to start collecting! TEAEVE is Eigenart’s range of 3-piece mugs that are both funky and functional in design. Featuring motifs like ‘padma’ and ‘gingko’, these stackable mugs are great for when you’re on the go or if you’re looking to sip in style at home.

FLOWTEA by Eigenart

Beautiful and striking. Our FLOW TEA tea makers are made of double-walled glass that ensures durability while still allowing you to watch your beautiful loose leaves dance in the tea flasks! Also comes with an in-built infuser.

CASE by Eigenart

Tins for the win! Eigenart’s CASE range is bursting with gorgeous tins that are airtight, food-safe, and feature great designs. Display your tea in style with these eye-catching products; you’re sure to receive compliments from guests every time you bring these tins out for tea.

EVE by Eigenart

Add sophistication and style to any brunch or tea time event with Eigenart’s stunning EVE carafe collection. These fancy statement carafes are a stylish alternative to the regular tea jug and making brewing iced tea in summer an absolute delight. The fact these carafes are made of borosilicate heat-resistant glass makes them all the more impressive!


Buy Eigenart teaware online or in-store at The Tea Centre tea shops

Here at The Tea Centre, we supply Eigenart products & teaware that we’re sure will make every tea-drinking experience an absolute delight! This German company’s tea flasks, carafes, and stackable mugs make great accompaniments to your daily ritual of tea and are practical additions to your kitchenware. So it is well worth it to invest in your favourite Eigenart piece today.

Making a cup of tea is not as hard as it sounds, with our easy-to-use range of teacups and mugs available: teacup sets for one, plus mug strainer sets. So whether you need an afternoon moment for yourself or are looking to host a tea party with family and friends, you can find the right teacups and mugs for you at The Tea Centre.

To make the perfect cuppa next time you want to relax and unwind, we'd recommend brewing one teaspoon of loose leaf tea to every cup of tea. Most of your teapots will already have in-built infusers but you can also use our range of teacup strainers for a single cup of tea.

Interested in other teawares? Look through our selection of tea cups, tea sets and tea tools, to find the right ones for you.