Zero Japan: artisan-made teawares like no other.

Each Zero Japan teapot or teacup is lovingly handmade by artisan craftspeople and undergoes stringent quality checks by Koji Inoue, the company founder himself! All of this is done to ensure you the perfect tea-brewing experience.

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Zero Japan teawares: Decades of craftsmanship in the making.

The Tea Centre is proud is stock Zero Japan, a Japanese ceramic teawares company that's made developing perfect tea-drinking experiences their life's work since 1992. Taking inspiration from the long history of ceramics in their own hometown (Gifu prefecture in Japan), Zero Japan combines age-old Japanese pottery techniques with new-age innovations to create truly one-of-a-kind teaware pieces.

This inspirational teawares company is spearheaded by founder Koji Inoue, who personally checks each and every Zero Japan teapot before the final firing stage! He does this to ensure colours are correct and the teapot's shape is flawless before ending up in your hands. Explore the range today!

Zero Japan's unique design elements

Handcrafted moulds & bisque firing

The moulds for every Zero Japan piece are handcrafted and go through a special second stage called 'bisque' firing. At this stage, pieces are heated to 800°C for six hours. This makes Zero Japan teapots extra durable even before the glazing process.

Artisan-made spouts

Ever bought a beautiful-looking teapot only for it to have an uneven pour or continuous dripping even after you're done using it? It all comes down to the spout, and you can wave goodbye to excess spillage and messy tables with a Zero Japan teapot! Whereas most other spouts are too large for the quantity of tea their teapot is holding, Koji Inoue and his team hand-craft every Zero Japan spout to ensure it pours perfectly every time.

Stainless steel lid

Koji Inoue designed the stainless steel lid twenty years ago after his mother broke the lid on her favourite teapot and needed a durable replacement! The lid on every Zero Japan teapot is made from food-safe 18/8 stainless steel that is also rust-resistant. Moreover, a special hinge not only ensures that teapot lids can be easily removed for cleaning but also stand up on their own when attached to a teapot!

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Here at The Tea Centre, we have a gorgeous range of teapots to make every tea-drinking experience an absolute delight. Teapots are our go-to teaware when serving delicious teas and are perfect for when guests pop over for a visit. That’s why purchasing one of our teapots is always a worthwhile investment!

Making a pot of tea with loose tea leaves is not as hard as it sounds, thanks to our easy-to-use range of teapots: we sell tea-for-one, two-cup, four-cup, and even six-cup teapots. So whether you need an afternoon moment to yourself or have a tea party coming up, we have the right teapot for you.

To make the perfect cuppa next time you want to relax and unwind, we'd recommend brewing one teaspoon of loose leaf tea to every cup that the teapot has the capacity to hold. Most of your teapots will already have inbuilt infusers, making it easy to scoop in your tea of choice and dispose of used tea leaves afterwards.

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