Travel Mugs are an essential teaware in every tea lover’s collection and are the perfect way to take your Tea on-the-go so that you never have to miss out on your favourite cuppa.

All travel mugs are lovingly made and glazed in Melbourne from high fired stoneware.

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At the Tea Centre, we understand the ritual tied to your cup of tea, and we are conscious of providing the highest quality tea wares. We carry a variety of styles and patterns to suit your tastes. With sturdy stainless steel, beautifully patterned ceramic, and eco-conscious selections to pick from, there Is a perfect Travel Mug for everyone!

You can sip confidently, knowing that your Travel Mug will be keeping your tea at its best temperature for longer, whilst remaining secure inside your cup without spills.

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Here at The Tea Centre, we have a gorgeous range of Travel Mugs to make every tea drinking experience an absolute delight. Travel Mugs make a great accompaniment to to every busy tea lover's day and is great for the car or travelling. So it is well worth while of investing in some Travel Mugs.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Travel Mugs to ensure you have a quality portable vessell for your tea. You will notice how our Travel Mugs are beautifully designed and made from walled porcelain and stainless steel features across our range. All part of the ceremony and joy of enjoying the finest tea possible.

Making a cup of tea is not as hard as it sounds, with our easy to use range of Travel Mugs available with beautifully crafted designs to suit every tea lover's taste. So whether you need an afternoon moment to yourself or you're on the go Travel Mugs for you.

To make the perfect cuppa next time you want to relax and unwind we'd recommend brewing one teaspoon of loose leaf tea to every cup of tea. Most of your Travel Mugs will already have inbuilt infusers but you can also use our range of tea cup strainers to a single cup of tea.

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