Travel in style with our travel flasks!

Travel cups and tea travel flasks are essential pieces of teaware in every tea lover’s collection. For those looking to consume tea on the go, look no further than our array of travel flasks that look cool on the outside while keeping your tea hot on the inside! You’ll never have to be without your favourite cuppa again.

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TTC ‘landmark’ Flask — Cradle Mountain


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TTC ‘landmark’ Flask — Lake Hillier


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Thermos Vacuum’ Jug — White


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Thermos Vacuum’ Jug — Black



Leeza ‘blob’ Flask


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Travel Flasks

The Tea Centre’s travel flasks are made with convenience and portability in mind, which is why each one in our collection is sleek and compact in design. With volumes generally ranging from 350ml–480ml, a good travel flask will hold a generous amount of your favourite hot or cold beverage.

Insulation is also a big factor in deciding what flask is best for you. Do you need something that will keep your drink warm just throughout the morning? A 'Landmark' stainless steel tea flask is the perfect fit. Our travel flasks are also fitted with vacuum insulation and double walls that keep tea at the same temperature (hot or cold) throughout the day!

How to brew tea for your travel flask

If you’re a dedicated tea drinker, you may want to consider whether your travel flask needs to be capable of brewing loose leaf tea on the go. Some of our flasks come with different and ingenious ways to steep your favourite leaves with plungers or baskets.

The different types of travel flasks

Plastic travel flasks

Our plastic travel flasks are made from BPA-free plastics so no unwanted toxins will seep into your food or drink. Plastic is durable but can still crack if dropped from a height or at an unfortunate angle. Transparent plastic flasks may start to appear cloudy after a while.

Stainless steel travel flasks

Stainless steel flasks are excellent for heat retention and very durable. This makes them great for clumsy tea drinkers!

Glass travel flasks

If you love watching tea unfurl during the brewing process, glass tea flasks are great at showcasing beautiful tea blends. However, glass flasks are more susceptible to breakage and may not retain heat as well. They may also be heavier than flasks made from other materials.

Ceramic travel glasks

These gorgeous flasks are excellent at insulating your tea but are more susceptible to chips and breakage.

Are travel flasks dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe?

The majority of our travel flasks are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. To be sure, check out the product description on each flask where the care instructions are listed.

Buy travel tea flasks online or in-store at The Tea Centre tea shops

Here at The Tea Centre, we have a gorgeous range of travel flasks that make every tea-drinking experience an absolute delight. Travel flasks are every busy tea lover's much-needed accessory and are great for travel both in cars and on public transport. All of which are good reasons to invest in a Tea Centre travel flasks today.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our travel flasks and how well they function as a portable vessel for your tea. You will notice that our tea flasks are beautifully designed and made from walled porcelain and stainless steel features across our range. Some of your tea flasks already come with in-built infusers; if not, you can explore our range of tea infusers and biodegradable tea bags here.

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