Tea tools for crafting the perfect brew every time.

Do you feel like something’s amiss with your current tea-making ritual? Perhaps our scoops & infusers are just the things you need! These tea tools are necessary for every tea drinking experience and we have a whole range to explore. Find the ideal scoop or infuser today!

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The Tea Centre’s tea tools, scoops & infusers

Our wide range of infusers will keep your tea leaves contained while they neatly steep in your cup or teapot. We also offer a variety of elegant yet functional scoops to compliment your style and tea collection. From dainty crystal-embellished pieces to accurate measuring scoops, and even traditional bamboo scoops for the green tea lovers, we have something for everybody! Our scoops are truly the perfect complements to any gift. Be sure to treat your friends (or yourself!) to one during your next tea stock up.

At the Tea Centre, we understand that the ritual tied to your cup of tea is an important one, and we are conscious of providing the highest quality tea tools to compliment you tea drinking experience.


Do you need a teapot infuser?

Some teapots will come with inbuilt basket infusers. However, large infusers will sometimes have to be purchased separately (this is especially likely if you own or are purchasing an English-style teapot). When purchasing a large infuser for your teapot, remember to measure the diameter of the opening and check whether the lid will be able to sit back on the teapot once an infuser is sitting inside. The Tea Centre’s basket infusers in particular are currently only available to purchase separately in The Tea Centre physical stores.

Another alternative is an enclosed infuser. An enclosed infuser will come with a chain that can be attached to the handle of a teapot as it sits inside. These chains are fine enough that the teapot lid is usually able to sit on the pot unencumbered by the chain. The feature to consider when buying one of these infusers is the size—it will need to be big enough to hold however many teaspoons of tea leaves your teapot requires (keeping in mind also that your tea leaves will expand). Furthermore, remember the diameter of the opening to your teapot. This will ensure that the infuser you purchase is not too wide for your teapot at home.


Do you need cup or mug infusers?

Single-serve infusers for cups and mugs are incredibly varied. Some come with a handle or a chain, some float, and others are basket-like. As a result, some will be easier to rinse out, others are better suited to hold small tea leaves, and then there are infusers that you will prefer simply for their aesthetic appearance.

Serious tea drinkers may prefer the deeper, basket-like mug infusers—they allow tea leaves to expand fully and move around, are easy-to-clean, and some styles even come with a lid to keep your tea warm as it steeps. Overall though, when it comes down to it, all infusers will get the job done.


Are DIY tea bags & tea socks the right infusers for you?

Teabags, filter bags, infuser bags, paper pouches...whatever you want to call them, these infusers are a great way of mimicking the convenience of a teabag without sacrificing quality loose leaf tea for dust or fannings. Once you’ve finished brewing your tea, these infusers can simply be disposed of or composted. Thus, you can avoid adding to your kitchen’s wash-up pile!

Our range of DIY tea bags and tea socks are also biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly addition to any compost pile. The only thing to consider is how you prefer to seal your DIY teabag or tea sock before use. Some of our range is self-sealing while others will require a clip to remain closed.

Tea socks are a larger option more suited to teapots. They are also reusable as opposed to tea bags. Tea socks can be a great tool for cooking too, as many people like to use them for steeping various aromatics in broths and soups.


Buy tea tools online or in-store at The Tea Centre tea shops

Here at The Tea Centre, we have a gorgeous range of tea tools that make every tea-drinking experience an absolute delight. Infusers & scoops are necessary tools and practical additions to every person’s kitchen cupboard.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our tea tools and their ability to create the perfect brew every time. You will notice that our infusers are intricately crafted, with stainless steel and silicone varieties available to purchase across our range.


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