Infuse in style with our tea strainers!

The difference between a good cup of tea and a bad cup of tea is all in the tools you use to make it. Luckily, The Tea Centre’s nifty range of tea strainers encompasses the tea-making trifecta: fancy, functional, and fairly priced! Explore our range below to find the perfect strainer to suit your tea-making ritual.

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Tea strainers

Tea strainers are ideal when serving lovely large teapots that don’t contain their own inbuilt infusers. Straining your tea allows leaves to dance around your teapot without restriction and unfurl to release their maximum flavours. Our tea strainers can sit patiently on any size teacup or saucer, ready to capture stray loose leaves when the pouring ritual begins.

Tea strainers vs. tea infusers

It is an age-old question! While both tea strainers and tea infusers are commonly used by tea drinkers, tea strainers boast some advantages that tea infusers do not have (and vice versa). For those who prefer to skip the wash-up and love having one less step in their tea-making ritual, our range of tea infusers found here may be better suited for your lifestyle. However, if you love the showmanship of pouring out tea using a gorgeous strainer and allowing your loose leaves to steep and swirl fancy-free in the teapot, then you’re in the right place!

What are the different types of tea strainers

Strainers can range from ornate to simple in design. Most are made from stainless steel, although some of our more traditional strainers may be silver-plated. However, most contemporary tea strainers mimic the silver-plated look with a rhodium-plated finish, which is just as shiny and does not tarnish with age.

Should I purchase a tea strainer that has mesh or holes?

The loose leaves you are planning to brew can dictate the type of strainer that’s best for you. The majority of our tea strainers are manufactured with either mesh or a solid body with small holes. Strainers with a solid body are aesthetically pleasing, but may not necessarily be practical for catching smaller, broken, loose leaf teas. Mesh strainers are much finer and, therefore, will prevent fewer tea particles from landing in your cup. Overall, solid strainers are a better option for large leaf teas or herbal tisanes, as the leaves in these teas are less likely to slip through the holes.

How deep should a tea strainer be?

Another feature to consider when purchasing a tea strainer is the shape of its body in terms of depth. While some are of substantial length, other tea strainers can be quite shallow. The latter can cause loose leaves to slosh off the sides into your cup as tea is poured out. More often than not, shallow strainers also have solid bodies (as opposed to mesh). This can also contribute to excess spillage as the tea accumulates more quickly on the surface area of the strainer. Therefore, it’s best practice with shallow solid-bodied strainers to pour out your tea a little slower so the brew has more time to filter through the holes.

How to brew tea using a tea strainer

  • Place your tea strainer either over your teacup/mug of choice or on your saucer where it’s ready to use once the tea is ready to pour
  • Add your loose-leaf tea of choice to a teapot. The general rule is one teaspoon for every 200ml or 250ml of water
  • Steep your loose leaf in the teapot according to the instructions on the packaging
  • Once your tea is ready, pour the liquid through the strainer and into the cup. This way, your strainer will catch any stray loose leaves
  • Enjoy!
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    Here at The Tea Centre, we pride ourselves on the elite quality of our tea strainers and work hard to make them luxurious and functional. It’s all part of our plan to provide you with the finest tea possible.

    Tea strainers are a great tea-making accessory, but if you’re after a more convenient way to brew tea, be sure to take a look at biodegradable tea bag options.

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