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Here for the latest scoop? Our teaspoons, whisks, and tea scoops are essential equipment for any tea lover’s pantry (and you can never have too many)! The Tea Centre understands the ritual tied to your cup of tea, and we are conscious of providing the highest quality tea wares to compliment your tea drinking experience.

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Tea Tools

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Teaspoons and scoops

We offer a variety of elegant yet functional pieces to compliment your style and tea sets. From dainty crystal-embellished teaspoons to accurate measuring scoops, and even traditional bamboo scoops for the green tea lovers, we have something for everybody! Our spoons and scoops are the perfect complements to any gift. They're also the perfect size for leaving in our tea tins as a scoop for your loose leaves! Be sure to treat your friends (or yourself!) to one during your next tea stock-up.

How many spoonfuls of tea per cup?

Heaped or flattened teaspoon? One spoonful or more? Luckily, making a cup of tea is not as hard as it sounds (the key is to not overthink it)! When it comes to brewing loose leaves, the amount of spoonfuls is dependent on whether the leaves are large or small. A teaspoon of denser tea leaves will produce a stronger brew than a teaspoon of larger lighter leaves. Taking into consideration your personal preferences and the size of the loose leaves, we’d recommend 1-2 flattened teaspoons per 200ml cup of tea. Use our easy-to-use range of spoons to measure and get the right amount of tea for your teapot or teacup.

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Here at The Tea Centre, we have a gorgeous range of teaspoons and scoops to make every tea-drinking experience an absolute delight. Teaspoons and scoops make a great accompaniment to every tea drinker's daily ritual and are a practical addition to your kitchen drawer.

We pride ourselves on supplying you with quality teaspoons and scoops that stand the test of time. These tea accessories are not only essential and long-lasting but also beautifully designed. Our range boasts spoons and scoops made from a variety of elegant materials, including stainless steel and bamboo. Elevate the ceremony that comes with brewing tea by picking up the perfect accessory for you today!

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