Introducing high-quality tea towels!

Tea towels are a staple for every home and serve the dual function of being simultaneously practical and stylish—as a decorative piece, tea towels are a great way to show off your style and personality in the kitchen. Immerse yourself in our high-quality range below.

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The history of tea towels

Tea towels are said to have originated in eighteenth-century England, where the lady of the household would use them to dry fine china and delicate tea sets; jobs that were considered too important to be done by potentially clumsy servants! They were also used as a way for upper-class ladies to show off their embroidery skills and reflect a piece of their personality through their kitchen decor. Throughout their history, tea towels have often served the secondary purpose of being a makeshift tea cosy, which was wrapped around teapots to keep tea hot—in fact, this is where the term “tea towel” originates.

Why our tea towels are a household essential

At The Tea Centre, we understand the ritual tied to your cup of tea, and we are conscious of providing the highest quality tea towels to compliment your tea drinking experience.

We pride ourselves on the practicality and long-lasting nature of our tea towels. The Tea Centre tea towels are made from 100% cotton and are as durable as they are beautiful, with the ability to quickly absorb liquids and provide a clean, lint-free, dish-drying experience. They make for a decorative, yet practical, addition to your kitchen that you’ll love to keep on display. Crafted in Australia, we carry a range of unique designs that please even the most peculiar tastes. Whether you need an afternoon moment to yourself, or you’re entertaining company over a pot of tea, you can trust that our tea towels will enhance every kind of tea drinking ritual.

Introducing the perfect gift!

A tea towel makes a wonderful addition to any gift and is the perfect accompaniment to tea sets and tins of tea alike when you need that little something extra. Choose from our range of beautifully designed tea towels and delight your gift recipient—there is a design to suit every taste!

Not only are they an ideal gift for housewarmings and tea parties, but tea towels also make the perfect wrapping material for small gifts that act as part of the gift themselves! Drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese cloth-wrapping art of furoshiki, why not use a tea towel to wrap your next gift in an elegant and personalised way?

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