Our wide-range of teapots includes ceramic, stainless steel, glass and fine bone china varieties. We select only the best quality pieces, perfect for pouring your tea.

Our collection of Teapots are all of the finest quality and offer a smooth, drip-free pour. Find your perfect Teapot and pour your favourite Teas with confidence and style.

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A Teapot is an essential piece of equipment for any Tea lover, and having a Teapot that you enjoy using greatly enhances the Tea drinking experience.

Teapots can either be a practical, daily necessity or a centrepiece used only for special occasions. If you’re just after something that looks lovely on a table laid out especially for high tea then looks will obviously be very important, closely followed by size depending on how many guests you intend to cater for.

What size teapot do you need?

Teapots can start at a one-cup size, with a standard large teapot holding about six cups. Larger volumes of tea will also stay warmer for longer but of course this time will decrease as tea is dispensed and more surface area of the tea is exposed, i.e. large teapots do not keep tea warm for longer, large volumes of tea that can be held by a big teapot are kept warm for longer.

What type of teapot do you want?

There are all sorts of teapots available, including cast iron teapots, glass teapots, japanese made teapots, modern teapots, stainless steel teapots and traditional teapots.

This has more to do with looks and decor than anything else. Choosing a contemporary, traditionally English, traditionally Asian, or a novelty teapot should be based on whether you intend on keeping your teapot out for display purposes and how you’re using it.

  • Many English style teapots will not contain an infuser and usually come in the larger 4-6 cups size.
  • Asian style teapots are quite varied, coming in all sorts of materials, shapes, and sizes. They are usually smaller than English-styled teapots, about 2-4 cups size, and many will even come as part of a tea set with small cups with no handles.
  • Contemporary teapots are usually more neutral and designed with practicality in mind but can still be quite attractive in their simplicity.
  • Teas needn’t be limited to being made in a particular style of teapot. Basically, go with what you enjoy the look of and what size will fit the amounts of tea you usually make and tea-making happiness will ensue.

    Buy Teapots online or in-store at The Tea Centre tea shops

    Here at The Tea Centre, we have a gorgeous range of Teapots to make every tea drinking experience an absolute delight. Teapots make a great accompaniment to serve delicious teas for yourself and are perfect when guests pop over for a visit. So it is well worth while of investing in a Teapot.

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our tea and Teapots. You will notice how our Teapots are beautifully designed, made from stainless steel, fine bone china and glass across our range. All part of the ceremony and joy of enjoying the finest tea possible.

    Making a pot of tea with loose tea leaves is not as hard as it sounds, with easy to use range of teapots available: tea-for-one, two cup, 4 cup and even 6 cup teapots. So whether you need an afternoon moment to yourself or you're having a tea party we have the right teapot for you.

    To make the perfect cuppa next time you want to relax and unwind we'd recommend brewing one teaspoon of loose leaf tea to every cup of tea. Most of your teapots will already have inbuilt infusers so it's easy as scooping your tea of choice into your teapot.

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