Choose the perfect modern teapot for you!

We offer a gorgeous range of modern teapots in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a teapot to use for special events or one to use every day, our contemporary range is here to provide. Our curated collection of modern teapots is made from glass, stainless steel, or stoneware. Find the perfect one for you below!

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Why should I own my own modern teapot?

We believe that your tea ritual should be a sacred part of the day, which is why we’ve curated our collection of modern teapots to suit your self-care needs. Our range consists of the highest quality pieces and designs so that, when you reach for your teapot, tea-making happiness will always ensue.

What are the characteristics of a modern teapot?

Simply put, a modern teapot is designed to suit the lifestyle of the modern-day sipper! Think a dripless spout, in-built basker infuser, and can brew up tea bags as well as loose leaf. Moreover, in terms of functionality, a modern teapot is made using innovative design techniques and the latest popular teaware materials. For example:

  • Ceramic: Compared to other traditional teapots, ceramic teapots can retain heat well. However, this material is more prone to chipping than others
  • Glass: aesthetically pleasing to watch tea leaves unfurling during the infusion process. However, glass does not retain heat as well as other materials
  • Stainless steel: If you’re after a teapot that retains heat over a long duration, stainless steel is the best of the bunch. In fact, our teapot warmers aesthetically suit stainless steel teapots the best.
  • What size teapot do I need?

    When it comes to choosing the size of your teapot, it’s important to consider how many cups you would like to get out of it in a single brewing session. If you are the sole tea lover in your household, you may prefer to opt for one of our tea-for-ones or one-cup teapots. However, the avid entertainer will adore our larger teapots that can hold up to six cups. Tea 'cup' measurements are referred to in increments of 200ml rather than the usual cup measurement of 250ml. Therefore, dependent on the size of your cup, you may end up with slightly more or less than the approximate cup size.

    Larger volumes of tea will stay warmer for longer, but this warmth will decrease as the tea is dispensed and more of its surface area is exposed. We suggest using one of our tea warmers to help maintain the temperature and warmth of your tea for longer.

    Do I need a strainer?

    Most of our modern teapots come with a built-in infuser that makes brewing your favourite teas quick and easy. If you happen to select a teapot that does not come with its own infuser, view our selection of infusers and strainers here to find the perfect fit for your new teapot. If you are using teabags, you can simply pop these in your pot as usual and enjoy freshly brewed tea.

    How to brew tea in a teapot

    The secret to the perfect cup of tea is to brew the correct amount, at the correct temperature, for the correct amount of time! This differs depending on the type of tea being brewed and the quantity of tea leaves chosen, so we suggest checking out our brewing guide to make sure you get the most from your leaves! Simply load your chosen infuser with one teaspoon of tea per cup being brewed and let the leaves steep. If you are using a pour-over or Dutch strainer, pop your leaves directly into the pot for the designated amount of time.

    How do I clean my teapot?

    To get the longest life out of your teapot, and keep it looking at its best, we recommend cleaning after every use with warm soapy water (unless your teapot is made of low-baked earthenware; in which case, a rinse with warm water will do) and ensuring your pot is dried thoroughly before its infuser is placed back inside. This will prevent your infuser from rusting! We recommend hand washing over dishwashing our teapots—especially on pots where gold paint or intricate parts are present—as they require gentle attention.

    Over time, the inside of your teapot may develop a brown stain from the tannins found in tea—these tannins will be more prominent in black teas than in other tea varieties. To remove this mark, you can use a mixture of bicarbonate soda and vinegar to gently scrub at the stain, or alternatively, use a stainless-steel cleaning foaming formula.

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