Loose leaf tea suits sippers who love to sink into the tea ritual, taking a considered moment to brew tea the way it has been enjoyed for centuries.

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Why choose to offer loose leaf tea at your cafe or store?

Did you know that tea is a $1.2 billion industry in Australia that’s expected to grow by 3.5% over the next year? The reason behind this is not just because Australians are buying more tea—they’re buying better quality brews. To taste that quality for yourself, look no further than The Tea Centre’s range of delicious wholesale loose leaf tea.

The type of customer that’s ordering tea already has the discerning palate that can tell the difference between a quality brew and a commercial tea bag (the latter of which can often be made from non-compostable materials with harmful glues). To give them the most tea-lightful experience possible, you need to serve a brew that’s blended from high-quality ingredients by master tea merchants. This is the area in which The Tea Centre aims to help! To help you get started, we suggest you peruse our loose leaf starter packs: the Classic Café Collection and Artisan Crafted Collection.

While it’s true that loose leaf tea takes longer to brew, this is time well spent. Encourage customers to be mesmerised by the dance of the loose leaves and sip slow! While The Tea Centre loves an eco-friendly tea bag (you can find our sustainable wholesale tea bags here), nothing compares to the insights gleaned and moments stolen with loose leaf tea. We want to change the narrative of making tea from ‘time-consuming’ to time enjoyed and let consumers in on the simple happiness that comes from brewing loose leaf.


One of the best wholesale tea suppliers in Australia

Since 1993, The Tea Centre has been helping individuals and businesses alike achieve happiness with tea! Fast forward almost three decades and The Tea Centre continues to be one of the best wholesale tea suppliers in Australia.

More recently, we’ve refined our wholesale catalogue to suit perfectly the businesses that most frequent The Tea Centre. Specifically, if you are a hospitality venue, café, restaurant, spa, conference venue, or beauty salon, we have the perfect collection of teas for you! You can customise your wholesale order to both your flavour and brewing (loose leaf or tea bag) preferences when shopping our range of individual wholesale tins of tea. Alternatively, make your first time ordering easy by picking up a collection pack.

The Tea Centre wholesales our most popular and universally liked teas. Specifically, we sell bulk herbal tea and tisanes, breakfast blends, green tea, black tea, fusion teas, and iced tea mixes as well! We made sure to select for wholesale brews that one can expect on any café menu (i.e. English Breakfast, Peppermint, Chai, Jasmine, and Earl Grey) plus a few elevated choices for those businesses looking to branch out and explore the fascinating world of tea.


Looking to top up a tin that you already own?

Depending on your business’ brewing preferences, either a loose leaf refill pouch or tea bag refill carton is the perfect choice for you! Our teabag refill cartons are not only zero waste and sustainable (read more about it here) but come bursting with 50 tea bags for easy service in your hospitality or lifestyle venue.

As for our beautiful loose leaf refill pouches (featuring The Tea Centre’s custom geometric leaf design), they come filled with anywhere between 100–250-grams of tea depending on the density of the leaf. For example, a wholesale tin or refill pouch of Assam Dimakusi holds 300-grams because the tea comprises of bold broken leaves. On the other end of the spectrum, a wholesale tin or refill pouch of Chamomile just fits 100-grams because we only use the finest whole blossoms (no dustings or fannings allowed). Rest assured that all of our wholesale products are priced fairly according to each item’s weight and packaging.


What perks do The Tea Centre wholesale customers receive?

All of The Tea Centre’s wholesale customers are entitled to a percentage discount off our wholesale catalogue items! As a bespoke wholesale service, The Tea Centre is also open to customising wholesale accounts based on the needs of the customers.

Therefore, if you’re hoping to receive bulk wholesale pricing on products outside of our wholesale catalogue range (i.e. teawares or non-wholesale teas), please contact The Tea Centre directly on [email protected]. To find out more about applying for an online wholesale account or general wholesale information, click here.


Can I collect a wholesale order through a Tea Centre store?

Yes, you can! Just get in touch via [email protected] and we can help you with this - you'll still need to order online but can collect from one of our stores.


I’ve lost/need to update my wholesale account log-in details.

Not a problem! To update your details, simply login to your online wholesale account, hover your account name in the top-right corner of The Tea Centre’s website and click “account details” to update your information.

If you’ve lost your password, enter your nominated email address here and we will generate a new password that will be sent to your inbox. If you run into any troubles, send an email over to [email protected].