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Earl Grey Blue Flower Tea is a gentle Earl Grey with delicate flavours, and soft floral aromas. But don’t think for a moment that you’re going to miss the citrus zest we all love in our bergamot teas; this blend is an all-rounder. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a backyard picnic, or afternoon tea with friends and family. You could even try out our fancy little Blue Flower Tea Truffle recipe as an extra treat!

Blue Cornflower and Malve blossom have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory qualities, and bergamot oil can also help alleviate stress, and fatigue. So, curl up on the couch after a hard day with a nice cup of Earl Grey Blue Flower Tea to keep you company!

If you love Earl Grey Teas, but this one doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for, check out some of our other bestselling blends. Earl Grey Special Tea is an invigorating citrus loose leaf, French Earl Grey Tea is a floral wonder, or maybe you’d like the tried and true Earl Grey Organic Tea, have a taste today!

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