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Our loose leaf English Breakfast tea is a strong, traditional blend of organic Sri Lankan leaves. Your perfect aromatic to start the day, malty, yet bright, this tea is delicious with or without milk. Its fine leaf leads to a full-bodied flavour, and a smooth finish. With a history as long as tea production itself, you can be sure this is a black tea you’ll never tire of.

This loose leaf tea is sourced from the Ethical Kelani Valley Plantations. Learn more about the wonderful things this company is doing for tea pickers, and their families here. If you’re looking to support ethical farming, check out our full range of Ethical Teas.

If you’re looking for a quick cuppa’ on the go, or want to take your favourite tea on holiday with you, check out our Tea Centre tea bags. You can be sure our English Breakfast is quality loose leaf tea, in every silk teabag.

Love your English breakfast, but you’re feeling bold, and want to explore the world of tea? Why not try our Indian Assam Rani Tea, Chinese Yunnan Finest Tea, or our very own Australian Daintree Tea! These three black teas are sure to expand your brewing horizons.

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