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Gyokuro tea (also called Dewdrop tea) is one of the greatest tea experiences you can have. This exclusive and sophisticated organic tea is fresh, grassy, has algal aromas with crisp, elegant flavours and a rounded sweetness. It should scarcely be seen as a commonplace everyday tea, but rather as something you drink as a treat.

It is usually in mid-April that the tea is first harvested, which is a major occasion of celebration in Japan and among tea lovers around the world. At the beginning, the cultivation and manufacturing process is similar to that undergone by all Japanese teas. But, there is a big difference about 20 days before harvesting when the tea bushes are covered with Bast fible mats so that their final growth takes place in the shade. This means that photosynthesis decreases.

Rather than from solar energy, nutrition is obtained from the soil, which increases the amounts of chlorophyll, flavouring and caffeine in the tea leaves, and also creates the tea’s typical dark green colour, darker than that of most teas.

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