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Orange Pekoe Tea is an organic large leaf Ceylon that produces a brisk, medium-bodied brew. Enjoy our signature Tea Centre Orange Pekoe tea with or without a splash of milk. The perfect choice for your morning cup of tea, not too heavy, with just the right amount of kick!

Another tea from our ethically sourced range, it tastes great and helps the growers making our tea dreams come true. Kelani Valley Plantations, one of the Worlds first recognised Ethical Tea Plantations, works hard to create delicious tea, and foster a culture of respect and progress for tea growers.

Orange Pekoe is also a key ingredient in Honk Kong style milky tea! Let this beverage take you on a trip, with a luxurious blend of Sri Lankan black tea, Chinese Pu’erh or Yunnan Black Tea, and sweet condensed milk. A sweet treat that’s delicious warm or iced.

This bestseller is also an ideal base for all your kombucha brewing needs. An organic base makes the best starter for your homemade probiotic. The medium strength of this tea helps any added fruity flavours shine through.

We have a selection of Orange Pekoes from around the world at your fingertips, why not try our Keemun OP from China, an Indian Kerala Lrg Leaf, or our Sri Lankan Dimbula today!

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