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Russian Caravan is a classic black tea smoked over pine. The ideal tea to drink on a brisk starlit night. Travelling traders accidentally infused their black tea wares with delicious smokey aromas as they had their campfire frivolities. A tea steeped in history; Russian Caravan will take you to places you’ve never been before.

Named after the trade route between Russia and China where it was first conceived, Russian Caravan has a firm following for its unique smokey flavour. For some it brings back memories of billy tea brewed over an open fire, for others, it’s an exotic treat. It’s a tea that can conjure old memories, or make new ones.

A great tea to start your smokey journey. Not as strong as Lapsang Souchong Tea, but stronger than Sir John, it’s definitely a flavour experience! If you’re a fan of smokey or savory teas in general, branch out and try Houjicha, a traditional roasted Japanese green tea. Learn more about some other traditional teas with stories to tell here!

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