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Rose and vanilla combine with loose leaf black tea, to create the sweet and floral notes of our exotic rosewater flavoured, Turkish Delight Tea. A heady aroma, ready to sweep you off your feet. The tea for when you want to spend some quality time with yourself (because it’s too good to share!). If you’re feeling generous, perhaps you might like to share a cup or two. But we won’t judge if you want to keep it your little secret!

If you have the power of self-restraint you might like to swap your evening desert out for a milky cup of this Turkish Delight tea. Rose petals can aid in digestion, and our tea leaves are full of natural antioxidants. The decadent vanilla flavour is just the cherry on top.

Love rose petals in your tea? Try Vanilla Dream Tea for something a little sweeter. The heart-shaped white chocolate pieces will make you fall in love all over again. Rose Congou Tea might be the one for you if you’re a Rose Tea purist. The finest rose petals, blended with a light Chinese black tea. If nothing else is quite right, pure Organic Rose Petal Tea is waiting for you in our herbal tea selection.

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