Here at The Tea Centre we stock a great selection of tea tins for the storage of your precious loose leaf teas and infusions.  Although the bags we sell our teas in are triple layered and designed to keep your tea fresh some still prefer to store their tea in tin caddies.

Helping to maintain the freshness and flavour of your tea, good sealing tins are generally the preferred choice because they keep out moisture, light, heat, air and odours.  Tea should also be stored in a cool, dry place so although the tin itself has a cool surface temperature it’s still generally best to store your tins in the pantry or a cupboard away from heat sources such as stoves, ovens and refrigerators.  Exposing tea to light and heat will evaporate any natural oils found in traditional teas or essential oils sometimes used in flavoured teas as well as affecting other additives like flowers, fruits, herbs and spices, which in turn will diminish the flavour of the tea. 

For more information on tea tins and storage please click here to read our Blog.

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