Pyramid Tea Bags

Tea bags are often preferred these days due to their convenience, however most people are blissfully unaware that it’s often an inferior leaf or fannings used to produce them. This in turn makes them cheaper to produce and customers to buy.

Although we traditionally support and prefer loose leaf tea we also realise in today’s busy life that sometimes convenience wins over. So after many years of being asked for tea bags we have introduced a small range of our top sellers. We use the same loose leaf tea found in our standard range so there’s no compromise on quality or taste and sell them in-store as well as online.

So now there’s no need to compromise on taste when buying great quality tea bags. As per our standard green teas you’ll be able to reuse your green tea bag up to 3 times in a day, which makes them a little more economical, and can rest assured that you’re getting the same great tea that you would normally be buying as a loose leaf.

Currently we have 15 different varieties of pyramid tea bags to choose from. They are also eco-friendly, compostable after use and come nicely packaged in a sealed cellophane bag inside a specially designed Tea Centre box.