We adhere to the highest and most stringent quality testing standards, implemented by the European Union. As a member of The German Tea Association, our exporters are committed to observing the Code of Practice for Quality Control. This includes working closely with many tea-growing regions in order to monitor pesticide residue levels, as well as affecting specifications for organic certification. Because of these strict guidelines, few tea growers are able to produce tea leaves that fully comply with EU standards.

At The Tea Centre, we are very selective with our product. Out of the 4.6 million tonnes of tea that is produced globally each year, we import about 50 tonnes from a handful of non-restricted gardens. In some instances, certain gardens can only export early season harvests, as these are the only leaves that can meet EU requirements and thus our own high standards.

In addition to visiting tea estates and personally meeting with tea producers, we have also developed relationships with organisations that support the fair treatment of those working in tea farming and production. Where possible, we have chosen to stock a selection of teas that stem from these regions. By doing this we hope to encourage a more sustainable future for tea production, both environmentally and for tea-growing communities.

Our teas are regularly imported from our German supplier and are thoroughly inspected upon arrival to ensure consistent freshness up to the moment the leaves land in your teapot. We also endeavour to source our herbal tisanes from Australian suppliers, as well as carrying some teas that are 100% Australian grown.

The exceptional conditions under which our teas are produced enhance the flavour and experience of enjoying a simple cup of tea; it is these virtues that are reflected in every sip.

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