Rosehip and its Benefits

Rosa canina – Rosehips are the red/orange like fruit produced by some varieties of rose plants. Their ruby colour, health benefits and pleasant mildly astringent taste makes them a favourite in herbal tea blends.
Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A,  Rosehip is perfect for strengthening the immune system before the cooler months.  Not only is Rosehip tea good for preventing and treating sore throats and colds it’s also good for tummy complaints, such as constipation and diarrhoea. Rosehip is also rich in flavournoids and antioxidents so it’s perfect for a healthy boost to your day.
Many people drink rosehip by itself however it can be a little sour and tart so it is best to drink it within a blend. The Tea Centre has a variety of fruit infusions which contain rosehip. To purchase or to view each of these teas please click here.
Rosehip Tea
Having a variety of flavours to choose from will make boosting your immune system just that little bit more exciting!

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