Serendipi-tea — The Story of Stockholm Blend

Highly sought after but never successfully replicated, The Tea Centre’s signature black tea blend, Stockholm Blend, is the perfect little cup of exclusivi-tea.

Originating in the south of Stockholm and introduced to Australia by one of The Tea Centre’s owners, Kim Torstensson, Stockholm Blend quickly took off as one of the most popular teas in the artisanal tea market. 

When it first came to be, nearly four decades ago, Stockholm Blend initially started out as an “accidental blend” after an ingredient was unintentionally added to another recipe. This created a beautifully pleasant flavour profile with elements that surprisingly complemented each other. With a few extra tweaks, this accidental blend eventually evolved into the perfected Stockholm Blend many tea drinkers have come to adore above all else. 

Stockholm Blend lovers tend to identify flavours that stand out to them like orange or rose, or sometimes, apricot. But to give an idea for those unfamiliar with this treat of a tea there is an obvious luxuriously fruity flavour, which is further enlivened with a floral bouquet but softened with the subtle sweetness of vanilla.

A must try tea for the curious and connoisseurs alike.

For a list of ingredients or to purchase online click here.

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