Our magical black tea blends

Signed, sealed, delivered—your favourite black loose leaves all in the one list! Furthermore, behind our bestselling black tea blends are special stories that The Tea Centre can’t wait to tell.

While we love all the brews that we supply at The Tea Centre, we reserve a special place in our teacups for the signature blends. Sold only at yours truly in Australia, these are the blends that our German supplier specially crafts with The Tea Centre in mind.

Given so much work goes into our signature black teas, it’s no wonder they double as our company’s bestsellers too. As voted by you, please find below our best-selling bespoke black tea blends and the stories behind their creations!

Stockholm Blend


Our most serendipitous blend needs no introduction. The story behind Stockholm Blend begins in Sweden during the ‘70s. Funnily enough, the sommelier that mentored The Tea Centre’s Swedish founder discovered the blend accidentally! 

Late one night, the sommelier was brewing up a different black tea fusion when he coincidentally dropped in the wrong ingredients. The following day, one of the sommelier’s workers ran a taste test on a whim and found Stockholm Blend to be enticingly good.

Fast-forward to the ‘90s when our founder began opening the first Tea Centre store. With permission from the original sommelier, The Tea Centre became the first to sell Stockholm Blend in Australia. It’s been our most popular blend ever since.

French Earl Grey

Did you know that French Earl Grey was pioneered in Australia? While we have another Tea Journal entry about Earl Greys in general here, we would like to give our French version an extra special mention. This is because no other retailer stocks a blend quite like ours.

While most French Earl Grey varieties take a floral-tasting route (keeping in theme with this Grey’s defining feature: rose petals), The Tea Centre’s blend boasts a uniquely Australian twist. Embodying the taste of summer, our blend incorporates chunks of apricot and mango, which pair brilliantly with the bergamot. 

A smattering of cornflowers offers an extra burst of colour along with the pink rose petals. The final result is The Tea Centre’s most popular Earl Grey blend! Why not try it for yourself today?

Oriental Chai

Before most people found their introduction to chai through lattes in coffee shops, this spicy blend was synonymous with India’s tea-drinking culture. Even before it was a “tea” (blended with leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant), chai wallahs were blending together spices like peppercorns, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves in alignment with Ayurvedic teachings.

The Tea Centre builds upon this ancient tradition with our signature Oriental Chai. Bringing together anise, black peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and the finest black tea, this chai is a brew with bite. 

Helpful for regulating each of the three doshas, Oriental Chai is the perfect sip for when you’re looking to fire up your body and re-energise your senses. If you’re looking for other Ayurvedic teas, head over here.  

Autumn Spice

Sweetness and spice make a tea that’s oh-so-nice. That is the inspiration behind The Tea Centre’s autumnal black tea blend! Autumn Spice is a delectable fusion that takes brings together rose petals, orange peel, apple essence, black tea, and more to create one magical brew.

Inspired by Bavarian tastes, this special tea is a gift from our German supplier, who wish to provide Australians with a blend that was reminiscent of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. Be sure to cosy up with a cup to experience the comfort this delicious tea brings soon!

Prickly Pear

The only constant is change, which is why The Tea Centre is always experimenting with new tea ingredients and brewing techniques. For example, the last limited-edition brew that we brought out was our super popular Bohemian Blue, which has since become a permanent part of The Tea Centre’s menu!

Similarly, it is with excitement that we release our latest zesty creation, Prickly Pear tea. Just in time for spring, this bouncy brew boasts bursts of orange blossoms, lemon peel, lemongrass, and delicate black tea. 


This citrus-fuelled delight is only available at The Tea Centre for a short time! Pick up a bag of punchy Prickly Pear tea here to see what all the fuss is about. We promise that you’ll love it. 

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