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The onset of spring brings an exciting time of renewal, growth and positive change. We become inspired to clean our homes, to come out of winter hibernation, to plant seeds, to feel sunshine on our bodies, and to be more active. 


As well as spring-cleaning our homes, many of us find the change of seasons an opportune time to spring clean our bodies – detoxing, cleansing, shedding weight and finding more energy. But did you know your body is capable of detoxing effectively, without you even consciously trying?


Natural Health

Your body is in constant detox. This is its natural method of eliminating toxins to avoid build up and health issues. Your liver, kidneys, lungs and skin each function as detoxifying organs – cleansing your body every day, all year long.

The concept of spring-cleaning the body has existed for thousands of years. European herbalism has a history of people using spring herbal tonics to invigorate the body after a sluggish winter, and traditional Chinese medicine engages various herbs and techniques to eliminate toxins and restore balance.

It’s no coincidence that spring – the season in which plants grow, bloom and thrive – is also the time of year these same plants work best as a therapeutical detox support.

Listed below are some common herbs that support the body in detoxification processes, and also make excellent tonic herbal teas for spring. 


Spring Fresh


Olive Leaf

Found in The Tea Centre’s Olive Leaf Tea, olive leaf is used in herbal medicine as a powerful antioxidant, lowering blood pressure, decreasing inflammation and reducing high blood sugar levels. When mixed with metabolism-boosting green tea, Olive Leaf Green is popular for maintenance of healthy weight. 



Calendula offers support to the lymphatic system, encouraging lymphatic fluid to flush out stagnant fluid. Calendula is also an excellent herb for skin nourishment, promoting healthy, glowing skin, and having a healing effect on the digestive tract. Try Calendula in The Tea Centre’s Detox and Cleanse



This ingredient purifies the skin, encourages the movement of fluid through the lymphatic system, and helps the kidneys clean out toxins. You’ll find it in The Tea Centre’s delightful Glow



Rich in The Tea Centre’s Dandelion Root Roasted Chai, this plan flourishes during spring. Though this medicinal weed may be classified a pest, its impressive therapeutic benefits include support of the liver and gallbladder. Maintaining a healthy digestive tract encourages a smooth, natural detox.


Support your body in its natural detox processes with the fresh flavours of spring tonic teas. Renew, recharge, be active, colourful and vibrant by adding herbal tea to your spring cleaning routine.


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