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Spiced teas 101: What is Sticky Chai?

Our latest addition to the tea menu has Leaf Lovers asking, ‘What is Sticky Chai’? We break down all you need to know while introducing one of the best blends in the business!

Sugar, spice, and all things nice—The Tea Centre is the land of milk and honey thanks to the introduction of Sticky Chai to our chai collection!  With ACO organic certification and raw Australian honey in its mix, we truly believe that our new batch is one of the best wet chai blends on the market.  

But for those still stuck (pun intended) on what Sticky Chai is exactly, our 101 guide below will answer all that and more. 

What is Sticky Chai and why is it called that?

Sticky Chai or ‘wet chai’ is any black tea, spice and honey blen! The result is a chai (meaning ‘tea’ in Hindi) that has a wet texture and clumped together appearance. 

Also contributing to this chai’s bulk is the use of whole spices only; no spice powders in sight! Specifically, this blend contains chunks of turmeric root, cardamom husks, whole leaf black tea, cloves, cinnamon bark, star anise, peppercorn, and a little salt to balance out all those flavours.  

What is the difference between Sticky Chai and other chai?

Simply the addition of a wet ingredient! Tea supplies can make any spice blend ‘sticky’ by adding in honey or agave (the go-to choice for vegan sticky chai). Moreover, while loose leaf chai is considered more traditional, wet chai comes with its own perks! 

Image of honey dipper drizzling honey

One is flavour. For those just beginning their chai journey, the honey factor makes chai blends extra buttery and sweet. Another is that honey helps prevent ‘de-blending’ and elevates the spices in chai. For these reasons, wet chai is a popular choice for cafes looking to make flavourful chai lattes on the fly.

Does wet chai expire?

Technically, no, as tea and honey are two of the few food products that remain safe to consume so long as it’s stored correctly! However, this type of chai does have a best-before date. This is because the blend will start losing its potency and flavour about a year after the date of purchase.

We recommend storing your resealable pouch (ensuring it’s airtight) in a dry area—below 18°C—out of sunlight.

How do you brew wet chai?

That all depends on how you like your chai! While this particular chai is a favourite among chai latte lovers, you can also brew up this tea as Karak Chai and traditional stovetop chai too. For a chai latte/regular sticky chai recipe, refer to the product’s brewing instructions here.

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