Serendipitous Stockholm Blend

It’s through a stroke of luck that our Silk Road journey ends where The Tea Centre began—in Sweden with our serendipitous Stockholm Blend!

In our Stories From The Silk Road’ series, we’ve seen tea blossom on the Tea Horse Road, traverse deserts like Russian Caravan, exchange hands in the funduqs of Morocco and Turkey before washing up on European shores à la East Frisian Blend. Today, we’re ending our epicurean journey in Sweden; The Tea Centre’s motherland!

Stockholm is not only the birthplace of our original co-founder, but our namesake tea Stockholm Blend embodies everything the original Silk Road represented. Innovation, the exchange of ideas, and the old-world magic of teas whose history spans across the world.

Stockholm Blend: the happiest of accidents

Did you know our bestselling blend was one wrong ingredient away from never being created? The Swedish tea sommelier who first made Stockholm Blend did so by complete accident!


After a long day’s work, the sommelier began the complex task of creating a brand-new tea. It was an arduous process, and at one point, the sommelier accidentally spilt a whole bag of tea on the precious fruit and floral blend he was working on!

Upset with this accident, he left the spilt leaves as is until a fellow worker came in the next day. Out of curiosity, the colleague decided to brew up the abandoned blend just to see what it would taste like. 

Imagine their surprise when the blend had not only an amazing flavour but went on to become a bestselling tea!

Flavours From The Silk Road

Sweet, floral, and citrusy to boot! Just like the Silk Road, Stockholm Blend constitutes a fusing of all the enticing flavours to be found across the world. For this reason, The Tea Centre knew we just had to include it in our Silk Road Wanderlust gift box collection.

An approachable brew for first-time sippers and connoisseurs alike, our ‘Step Into Stockholm’ Wanderlust gift box truly invigorates the senses. Taste the first blush of European summer in the plush apricot pieces interspersed with the fresh scents of spring: calendula, rose, and safflowers. 

Past the fruits and florals, the very foundation of Stockholm Blend is equally sweet. Sippers will adore the rich malty flavour of the black tea! This dark flavour is also counterbalanced with the elegant taste of vanilla.

Moreover, not only is this Wanderlust tea delicious but easy to make as well! Thanks to the addition of a perfect measuring spoon and nifty tea infuser, our gift box will have you or the lucky recipient sipping in no time.

Don’t let your travels stop here. Be sure to explore Step Into Stockholms fellow Wanderlust gift sets, including Postcard From Morocco, Twilight In Turkey, and Eastern Edge.

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