Our Sydney Store is Relocating!

Author: Corina   Date Posted:6 January 2015 

Our Sydney Store is Relocating! main image Our Sydney Store is Relocating! image

After nearly 20 years of residing in The Glasshouse in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall, we have sadly had to announce that our lovely little tea house will soon be no more as we make way for H&M.  

Our first ever teahouse, The Glasshouse Tea Centre was turning over a new leaf (pun intended) during a very coffee-oriented time in the early nineties. The opening of The Tea Centre’s tea house was a response to the overwhelming interest the public was expressing in wanting to learn more of the culture and artistry of tea. Not only could everyone come in and sit down to enjoy a ‘real’ cup of tea, but throughout the years this is where we have held various talks and classes on the A to Z of teas. Having recently turned 21 years old, we delved into the history of The Tea Centre, which you can read more about here.

The Glasshouse site is also of fitting historical significance as it was where Quong Tart, a notable Chinese merchant and philanthropist, once operated one of his popular tea houses. His establishments were known for being the finest with some so lavish they were resplendent in marble fountains with golden carp, reading rooms, cloak rooms, smoke rooms, and plush carpets.

While it seems this is the end of an era, don’t turn your kettles off just yet because with great anticipation we are now happy to announce our new location. After much searching, we finally sourced a new home! Just a 4 minute stroll down the street, we will be relocating to 210 Pitt Street in the Piccadilly Centre (opposite The Hilton).

Because this new site will be a little smaller, we unfortunately won’t be able to accommodate a teahouse and will only be operating as a retail store. However, after 20 wonderful years we think our au fait loyalists and even our novice tea fans will have learnt a thing or two on the finer points of enjoying a cup of tea.

We will be closing our current location in The Glasshouse around late February and shuffling all our tea things over to the Piccadilly Centre, with an expected re-opening date to be in early March.

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