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The Tea Centre's tea hosting tips for Christmas

The History of Christmas in July

Earl Grey tea is one of the most recognisable tea blends in the world. With a distinctive flavour and rich history, it’s captured the hearts of tea enthusiasts worldwide. Read on to learn more about the history of Earl Grey tea, what sets it apart from other blends, and some of The Tea Centre’s most popular Earl Grey Fusion blends.


The Age of Sail: Tokyo Bay | Sakoku & Sencha Tea

It may make up 80% of tea production in Japan today, but did you know that sencha didn’t even exist until 1738? In exploration of our 2022 Age of Sail collection, we’re diving deep into the intertwined histories of maritime trade, sakoku, and sencha.


Christmas Brews—A Jolly Treat

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…until it comes to figuring out who’s hosting Christmas lunch, where did the wrapping paper go, and ‘what do you mean I’m in charge of the prawns?’