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There’s plenty of bubble tea shops in the sea, but when it comes to simple quality tea? The Tea Centre’s new takeaway tea service is just the pearl you need.

Let us set the scene, tea lovers. It’s midday Saturday and you’re at the shops moving through a throng of people. You’re dying of thirst and in need of hot tea to tide you over till three-hour parking runs out (where is that car parked again?).

Rejoice! There’s a bubble tea shop nearby and you stop by to order. Except they only offer cold teas. 

The assistant at the counter then proceeds to give you a weird look when you say no to pearls, ice, syrups, taro milk, and cheese foam. Eventually, they hand over a brew that’s not unlike tea in a plastic cup that costs $5.50. Yikes.

Thankfully, you can say goodbye to such awkward experiences thanks to The Tea Centre’s brand-new Takeaway Tea service!

How does this service work?

While bubble tea will always have a special place in our hearts, The Tea Centre’s tea-on-the-go service is perfect for those shoppers simply craving a good ol’ fashioned, high-quality tea at an affordable price.


Available at non-CBD Tea Centre stores, shoppers need only walk in, select one of the 150+ loose leaf brews from our iconic tea wall (excluding matcha), and order with our friendly staff to receive their eight-ounce takeaway cuppa in a matter of seconds.

The best bit? Takeaway brews only cost $3 no matter the loose leaf you choose! Far from overcharging you as happens in some hospitality venues, The Tea Centre sees our tea-on-the-go venture as just another way of rewarding cherished leaf lovers.

Speaking of Leaf Lovers, those who sign up to become one in any of the participating Tea Centre stores will receive their first takeaway cuppa for free! 

Takeaway Tea Service featuring a takeaway cup of Bohemian Blue herbal tea

Moreover, do you take your tea with milk and sugar? Not to worry. Our friendly staff will hand over your tea on a little tray complete with individually wrapped milk, sugar, and stirring stick to use as you please! 

Can’t wait to race in and nab your free/three dollar takeaway brew today? Offer is available at the following Tea Centre locations: Carindale, Chermside, Hornsby, Kotara, Robina, Toowoomba, and Townsville

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