Tea Centre Devonshire Tea Blend & Tea Centre Afternoon Tea Blend

Author: Denise   Date Posted:31 July 2015 

We’re getting back to basics with some beautiful traditional teas. We have tea times covered with two delightful classics stemming from India and Sri Lanka respectively. Tea Centre Devonshire Tea Blend The Tea Centre's Devonshire Tea, so called for the way it complements the luscious flavours of scones with jam and cream, is a lovely tea that is just as enjoyable when served by itself. Medium strength with subtle earthy notes and a fairly smooth finish, these leaves make for a good breakfast tea or an ideal accompaniment with sweet treats. Tea Centre Afternoon Tea Blend Just as the name suggests, this tea is ideally enjoyed in the afternoon when a strong brew isn’t necessarily required. This is a lovely light cuppa that sparkles with the hint of floral notes in each sip. A fine tea to be enjoyed as is, but if milk is preferred, just a dash will do. Just add some homemade scones and afternoon tea will be complete.

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