The Tea Centre's tea hosting tips for Christmas

Tea Hosting Tips for Christmas

For the hostess with the most stress…we’re here to help! Peep The Tea Centre’s handy list of tea hosting tips for Christmas.

No matter if you volunteered as tribute or had Christmas dinner duties thrust upon you…playing host during the silly season comes with a whole host of its own problems.

Luckily, The Tea Centre has run the gamut of festive frivolities over our twenty-nine years of business. This means that we have the best tea-themed tips for making your next Christmas bash cool, calm, and memorable for years to come.

Tips for the table: tea-spiked pavlova board

The Tea Centre's tea hosting tips for Christmas: a tea-spiked pavlova board
Image & recipe courtesy of delicious. magazine

If your Pinterest board is full of pavlova grazing boards, we’re right there with you! Moreover, in the spirit of keeping up with the trends (as well as adding a tea spin to festivities), we suggest dressing your Chrissy table with a pavlova spiked with our tasty Stockholm Blend!

Taking kudos from this ‘tea and scones’ topping recipe (though we’ll be the first to admit to buying meringue pre-made), one simply needs to infuse Stockholm Blend tea bags into cream the night before to add extra tropical spice to your pavlova! 

While some of our more festive fusion teas could work just as well, Stockholm Blend boasts sweet apricot, creamy vanilla, and bright orange…all the flavours that pair well with a classic Aussie dessert.

Tips for the table: Glaze your ham with gold honey

Let’s be honest—nothing feels more ‘make or break’ when it comes to hosting Christmas quite like glazing the ham. Do it well and you’re the star of the evening! But getting it wrong can have you feeling like the grinch…

Luckily, we have the perfect solution: glaze your ham in gold! Working well with any secret-ham-recipe-from-gran, simply swap out your standard honey with the tried and true gold flakes honey from our pantry

Because who cares if the ham isn’t crispy enough when it’s oh-so-sweet and draped in gold? (Psst, no one!) Problem solved.

Tips for the table: peppermint tea for digestion

Picture this: the guests loved your glazed ham (courtesy of the previous tip!) and overindulged to the point where everyone’s sporting a gut that gives Santa a run for his money. That’s your cue to pitcher this: peppermint tea

As green as a Christmas tree, pure peppermint is the perfect post-lunch or dinner treat. The digestif of choice since the time of the ancient Egyptians, this traditional brew can soothe wind pains and can keep even the most beer-chugging of guests feeling calm and minty fresh.

Really want to keep to a festive theme? Then we’d suggest purchasing our peppermint & liquorice blend! This mint and aniseed flavour combo tastes just like candy canes in a cup. All of The Tea Centre’s peppermint teas taste fantastic iced too.

Tips for keeping cool: Iced Tea on arrival

No matter where you are in Australia, there’s a good chance that Christmas this year will be a scorcher. With that in mind, guests will adore any host that greets them at the door with a crisp glass of iced tea!

And the best bit? All of The Tea Centre’s fruit tisanes come with a hibiscus base. Therefore, our iced teas not only make for a delicious non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic alternative, but are on theme too! Hibiscus teas brew up into the scarlet red that perfectly suits a Christmas occasion.

You could even go the extra mile and offer a green iced tea to make the drinks table really pop. Think the likes of Coconut Palm and Australian Alpine Sencha x Lemon Myrtle (a truly Aussie Christmas!) or more traditional options like Morning Flower tea.

Tips for keeping cool: use a Tea Centre thermos

The Tea Centre's tea hosting tips for Christmas

This a particularly good tip for the Christmas parties that are happening outdoors this year! No matter if it’s a Christmas picnic, garden party or rooftop soiree you have in mind, skip lugging around an Esky and invest in a compact thermos jug instead.

Coming in both black and white, these insulated, portable, 1.5L jugs are the vessel of choice for any outdoor rendezvous. With enough capacity to serve 7-10 guests and a spill-proof lid, these jugs are also able to keep tea hot or cold for up to ten hours!

Tips for standing out: Christmas tea party favours

Do yourself a favour and make Christmas tea the party favour of choice this silly season. The pre-packaged loose leaf gift tins or tea bags not only make for easy gifting but were specifically designed to wow your guests.

With the tea itself boasting an almond-fuelled, gingerbread scent and fresh orange notes, a small gift like this will ensure that guests think of you fondly long after hosting duties are over!

Moreover, why not purchase a tin as a treat for yourself? At The Tea Centre, we often decorate our trees, wrap presents, and sing with Mariah to the tune of a whistling kettle and the scent of Christmas tea brewing! Keeping calm and collected is just that much easier with this tasty tea on hand.

Did you know that The Tea Centre is also playing host this Christmas to six limited-edition teas in the one gift? Be sure to check out our Nuremberg by Night’ wooden tea box today!

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