Tea Hot Toddy

This recipe was kindly supplied by Hayley in our Kotara store.  This is a firm favourite with her husband and his version of a ‘Hot Toddy’. Warm your mug (this will help keep your toddy warm for longer)

  • ImageResizeBKVCID9SScoop 1 heaped teaspoon of Black Glogg tea into a tea infuser and place in mug
  • Wait for your boiled water to cool a little then pour into your mug and allow to infuse for a good 4 minutes
  • Remove your tea and add 1 shot (about 50ml) of Scotch Whiskey or dark Rum and enjoy!

(If you’ve got a sore throat a dash of honey and a slice of lemon is also a nice addition in your hot toddy) To purchase Black Glogg please click here…..

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