Champagne-esque teas

Did you know that Darjeeling teas are often called “the champagne of black teas” due to their sparkling quality and clean-tasting flavour profiles? Moreover, while our delicious Yunnan Finest (FTGFOP) is not a Darjeeling, it’s gorgeous golden tips are reminiscent of a champagne’s aurelian finish.

Pristine Greens

When it comes to single origin green teas, China and Japan grow and manufacture some of the most beautiful ones you can find in the world. From Japan comes the famous matcha as well as green teas grown at the base of Mt. Fuji. In China, you can source some of the most aromatic jasmine teas and high-grade Dragonwell tea too!

The Dark Horse Brews

Our collection of exquisite teas that deserve more of the spotlight! Lesser known amongst its premium peers, these dark horse teas are very deep in flavour. From Indian tea estates known for their malty brews to rich green teas kept in shade for twenty days, these are the teas whose depth and dark tasting profiles make them truly shine.  

Our unique-looking teas

These are the premium teas that look as unique and exquisite as they taste. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these premium teas sport different forms or colours that add to the tea-tasting experience.