Tea Suggestions for Those Who Love Chocolate Too!

Author: Corina   Date Posted:31 March 2014 

For those who are chocoholics and love a good cuppa.

Who doesn't love chocolate! Easter’s just around the corner, and this year we have a great selection of Chocolate Shop teas to choose from at The Tea Centre. For those who are chocoholics and love a good cuppa, here’s a few Easter gift ideas where both can be combined:

Black Tea Blends:

Cherry Ripe Tea Blend – an Aussie favourite from the lolly shop.  BUY NOW

Chocolate Mint Tea Blend – for the after dinner choc mint lover.  BUY NOW

Chocolate Tea Blend – a straight shooting black tea with a chocolate after taste.  BUY NOW Rooibos Blend:

Rooibos Chocolate Bomb – the refreshing taste of Rooibos with an explosion of chocolate, followed with a hint of almond. (Caffeine Free) BUY NOW

This Easter let the Easter Bunny bring a little fun with our chocolate infused blends.