Shedding Some (Tea)light

Did you know tealights were originally invented for taking tea? Sure, it’s in the name. But similar to how brekkie is called breakfast because you’re breaking a fast, it’s one of those facts that only seem obvious once someone tells you all about it!

In honour of our brand-new tea warmer, our tea-loving experts thought it was high time we dedicated an entry to shedding light on the subtle art of keeping tea hot…all day long.

While it may seem counterintuitive to write about this in the midst of an Australian summer, there are endless reasons why some of our tea drinkers still like it hot! 

Whether it’s to regulate temperature, digest food easier or simple preference, keeping tea warm is a practice that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Find our piping hot recommendations below! 

An ode to tealights

While no one knows exactly who was first to put a small candle under a teapot. However, we do know that tealights first appeared in Japanese teahouses in the twelfth century. There they played an important role in zen rituals including tea. Specifically, tealights would not only keep tea warm but also help tea brewers to mark the passing of time. 

Tealights then sprung up in England during the Victorian era for completely different reasons. Here, tealights was purely functional and not just for warming tea either. In fact, tealights were the UK’s first prototype hotplate and were used with tea warmers to keep food hot as well.

The Bamboo Bundle


Skip to today, and The Tea Centre combines functionality, ritual, and style with our bamboo & glass teapot and ‘leaf’ tea warmer. This utilitarian duo boasts a borosilicate glass and stainless steel design that keeps tea warm for hours. 

Moreover, these components also double as the perfect accessories for a relaxing afternoon tea. À la Japanese teahouses, a tea warmer allows you to enjoy your tea over a longer period of time, which is perfect for those who are looking to slow down their day. It also adds to the beautiful ritual of making tea, a process that many find relaxing to do.

Tealights themselves can also be highly meditative to look at…not to mention glass teapots too! Watch flames bounce off the stainless steel or witness unfurling tea leaves dance in a glass teapot, and you’ll see exactly what we mean!


Tea warmers serve a great purpose for sipping at home, but what about when you’re out and about in the world? Cue travel cups, thermoses, and flasks

Thanks in part to advancing technology and thriving cafe culture in Australia, taking tea to go has never been more popular. Particularly when it comes to ease of transport and insulation, you can’t go past The Tea Centre’s ‘Landmark’ tea flask range.

Inspired by scenic Australian landscapes like Cradle Mountain, Lake Hillier, Kakadu National Park, and the Daintree Rainforest, these vacuum flasks are double-walled and made from stainless steel. Such a sleek design is not only airtight but can keep tea hot for up to twelve hours!

As for those in need of a travel flask option that’s more short and stout, a travel cup is your best friend. Specifically, the Australian ‘eco’ range here combines rubber seals and durable ceramic to keep tea warm for longer.

Let’s get cosy

If a jumper works to keep a person warm, surely the same premise works for a teapot too? This is where the traditional tea cosy comes in.

The thicker the fabric, the better the insulation, which is why our hand-knitted cosies made from 100% Australian wool is the best of the bunch. True, tea cosies may not regulate temperature as efficiently as the other options above. However, what they lack in performance they make up for tenfold in style!

Our cosies are handcrafted by a local craftsperson and feature a beautiful knit. Finished off with a dainty satin bow, the stretch knit style of these cosies makes it compatible with teapots of all shapes and sizes.

With our bamboo & glass teapots and tea warmers selling out fast, now’s not the time to put purchasing on the back burner. Explore all of The Tea Centre’s branded teawares here.

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