The Chai Kit

It’s 2022: ‘WFH’ (work-from-home) is the new ‘FIFO’, making it more important now than ever before to have relaxing household rituals that help you feel comfortable and content. This is the inspiration behind The Chai Kit, your favourite tea retailer’s latest product release.

The Tea Centre has engineered The Chai Kits so that the chai-making process is both simple and satisfying for the tea drinker. 

Presented in a beautiful ebony gift box featuring a mandala design, our kits contain a stunning chai brewing pot, two beautiful tins of loose leaf chai, plus a functional and fun basket strainer. All to help you make the perfect chai in a matter of minutes.

Experience tranquility with chai


With our kits, it’s easy to give you or a friend-in-need the gift of relaxation at home. This is because brewing chai is the ultimate extrasensory experience. 

You can see the gorgeous colours in the chai loose leaf and smell the aromatic spices. Hear the bubbles popping as you simmer chai on the stove, feel the sleek design on the brewing pot as you pour the chai into your favourite mug, and taste the complex flavour combination of black tea, milk, and spice.

Moreover, our chai kits pay homage to traditional Indian tea practices that were cultivated by chai wallahs who were the first to marry classic spices with black loose leaf and steaming hot milk. 

Furthermore, our chai kits come with Mumbai chai and Masala chai. These are The Tea Centre’s most traditional blends that are historically based on Ayurveda teachings about emotional and physical wellbeing.

Chai and Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian branch of alternative medicine that focuses on holistic healing through counterbalancing any negative energies. These energies are also known as doshas

While Ayurveda extends to all areas of one’s lifestyle, such as resetting your energy through physical movement and food, one could also holistically heal their emotional wellbeing through drinking beverages like chai!

Especially during winter, Ayurveda teachings recommend drinking chai to offset the imbalances that come from the cold external environment. This is because chai contains warming and pungent Ayurvedic ingredients like cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger. 

Such ingredients fire up the digestive system and breathe new life into your body. This is especially beneficial when you’re feeling stagnant being stuck at home. Furthermore, the aromas from these spices reawaken the senses and help you feel invigorated during an otherwise overcast day. 

This is why we would recommend our chai kits to anyone who needs that little extra TLC from their next cup of tea.

How to use The Chai Kit


The Chai Kits come in two different options: ‘Midnight in Mumbai – Cloud’ or ‘Midnight in Mumbai – Night Sky. Each one comes with either our Mumbai chai and Masala chai blend plus our stunning ivory or ebony chai brewing pot.

These items, in conjunction with the basket cone strainer, make it easy to brew chai in just a few short steps. The only other equipment you need is a mug to sip your chai in and a stovetop to simmer your chai on! Our brewing pots are safe to use on all types: halogen, gas, electric, and induction stovetops.

Our Stovetop Chai recipe

  1. POUR 250ml of water into your Chai Brewing Pot
  2. SCOOP in two heaped teaspoons of chai
  3. BRING mixture to a simmer on medium heat
  4. ADD 250ml of milk and bring back to a simmer
  5. SIMMER for at least five minutes, then turn off the heat
  6. POUR mixture through the strainer into two mugs
  7. STIR in a dollop of honey or add sugar to taste


Love using The Chai Kit and want to experiment brewing chai on the stovetop with our other tasty blends? We recommend purchasing ‘The Chai Chest’ wooden tea box, which is the ultimate sampler of The Tea Centre’s top six best selling chai blends.

Alternatively, explore our entire winter chai range here.

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