The History of BODUM®


At The Tea Centre one of our most popular ranges would have to be BODUM.  The high quality, practicality and beautiful design always impress our customers.

The world famous brand of BODUM® was founded in 1944 by Peter BODUM® in Copenhagen, Denmark. Peter began the company by wholesaling Danish Kitchenware Products and began designing his own product in the early 1950’s. 1958 saw the launch of his first product, the BODUM® Santos Coffee Maker, which at the time revolutionized the coffee industry. The BODUM® Santos, now called PeBo is still in production today.

Peter recognized the importance of industrial design, which when coupled with his visionary approach, laid the foundations of BODUM® and for what the company stands for today. Over the years, BODUM® has developed a large team of designers, constructors and architects to create BODUM®’s world renowned product range. With offices and stores worldwide BODUM® is now available globally.

In 1974 Peter’s son, Jorgen BODUM®, took over the reins of the company at the age of 26. Holding true to his father’s focus on form and function Jorgen began collaborating with Carsten Jorgensen, a teacher at the Danish School of Art, Copenhagen. Over the next few years, they were to create the BODUM® credo “Good design doesn’t have to be expensive”.

Today BODUM® is still a family owned company and over the last six and a half decades has produced millions of quality products which have helped give that touch of excellent design to homes and offices all over the World. These quality products are available through selected retailers, The Tea Centre being one of these. A large range of tea related BODUM® accessories can be viewed and purchased in our shops or on-line.




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